Chapter Eleven

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Tears were streaming down my face as I limped back in the complete darkness toward the dim light in the distance that was my cabin... my head was pounding and my stomach was threatening to regurgitate whatever I had swallowed tonight. My vision was blurred, and my footsteps were heavy as I plodded one step at a time toward the flicking light in the distance... Zayn had left me, in the grass, scared, drunk, high, and crying in a place I was unfamiliar with. It reminded of the times Bobby and Greg would throw me out the house to sleep on the streets if I was annoying them. But this had been much, much worse. I'd been feckin' raped... but someone I thought I could trust, until tonight, when I saw him smoking the crack. I'd never had such a bad night in my life....

Of course, apart from the night my mother had died. Obviously.

More tears streamed down my cheeks, and I stumbled to the ground, the moment I heard footsteps coming toward me, I didn't want anyone to see me in this state. I was a mess. But so was my life. The silhouette came closer and closer, and I whimpered on the ground, covering my tear stained face, but it was too late. They had seen me.

''Niall, shhh, shh, it's okay, I've got you now,'' I heard Louis whisper in my ear, as he incredibly, lifted me up  in his strong, capable arms. I'd never been so grateful toward my boyfriend. He wrapped me close, and I sniffled, as I snuggled in closer to his warm chest, as he walked me over to my dorm, brushing away my tears with his fingers, and suddenly, we hit the light of the cabin corridor, and Louis kicked open the door of our dorm, and slowly placed me down onto my bed. Brandon was sleeping soundly above me. Louis tugged off my shoes, and by now, I could barely keep my eyes open, my limbs felt like lead, and the whole world was spinning around me. I couldn't focus on anything. Louis wrapped the covers round my shoulders, fluffed my pillow, then bent down, and kissed my forehead just as I fell into subconsciousness. 

Hung over, and limping, I got out my bed with a splitting head ache. I got dressed sheepishly, and had a silent breakfast with Louis, who seemed to notice something was wrong, but didn't say anything to me. Good. I didn't want to tell him I'd been stupid enough to get raped by my... well, I didn't really know what to call him. He certainly wasn't my friend. I wonder what Louis would do if he did find out... would he dump me? Oh dear. I'd hate it if that happened. I'd only just got him. No way. I would keep him by me. But the only way I could do that, would be to hold him, or talk to him, or just... be like a boyfriend. I reached over the table, and held his hand.

He smiled.

 ''Okay, who's first for the tree climb? Sinead? Brandon? Neils? C'mon, don't be chicken. Oh-and you'll have to be in pairs, please,'' the hot pink-haired instructor commanded, as we stood beneath our activity of the day, the Tree Climb. Basically, it was just climbing up a huge rope ladder, up to the tops of a tree 75 feet high. Yeah, it was a sequioa tree. Pretty cool, and I liked heights, and I'd never done anything like this before. I shot my hand up.

''I'll go!'' I said. People frowned at me. ''With Brandon...'' I added, glaring over at my enemy. He glared back. The instructor beamed at us, gave us wakie talkies, and sent Brandon up the tree first. He made sure to give my leg a small, sore kick before he swung himself over the first rung. I pretended not to feel a thing. What a bitch.

''Okay, Niall? Remember, v, to the knee, one, two, three, okay?'' the instructor told me. I nodded, and secured the rope, as Brandon gradually made his way up the rope ladder. I followed the instructions with the ropes to keep Brandon in the air, and did the necessary rules, and tugged again and again as he made his way higher and higher.

I held the walkie talkie to my lips: ''You all right there, you little fucker,?'' I said quietly. I watched as Brandon paused in his tracks, while he hung 10 feet in the air, then continued.

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