A and D (19)

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My parents decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party.


The TV was on: Times Square in New York- Ball drop.


It was the countdown to a new year.


Everybody took a breath and prepared themselves to yell.


Dad raised his glass and exclaimed, “Toast to a New Year!” Then, he leaned down beside him in order to kiss Mom.

When New Year striked, kissing was a very old custom. When one did it, he kissed off the old things and welcomed new ones.

I stood beside Annabelle. I put my right hand on her back to pull her closer to me. I faced her and gave her a long kiss, which she returned.

We made up a few days ago. She came knocking on my door, and apologized for the way she over-reacted. You could figure out the rest. I wasn't the type who kissed and told.

When I gently pulled away, she slightly frowned at me and then drank her Peach Champagne straight up.

“Easy there,” I whispered in her ear.

She just smiled.

Loud and upbeat music played on the background. All the guests seemed to have a great time. Some held individual servings of New Year pudding in their hands, while others had their shrimp cocktails.

Mom and Dad’s clients were all here. Some of the teachers from school also came. Relatives arrived, which I had been trying to avoid. And of course, the Evans family wasn’t forgotten.

The whole Basketball team was invited, as well as Coach. And then there was Ethan, who was really enjoying the party because the cheerleaders were here. Luke, on the other hand, brought Alyson with him. But to everybody else who didn’t know they had a relationship, Alyson came with Dakota.

I frowned slightly when I noticed that there was something wrong with the picture here. I smirked when I realized that it was Dwayne Richardson. He was clearly not here. As much as I hated to admit the fact that if this was Dakota’s place, I was pretty sure he’d be present. I heard he was spending the rest of the Holidays out of town.

Good choice for him. He was starting to irritate me ten times more than before, ever since he started giving Dakota a ride on his car – the Audi R8 GT.

Once, I caught him flash me a smile – No, not a smile – a smirk. It took all my will power not to break his face to wipe that smirk off.

I shook my head, getting rid of thoughts of him.

I decided to watch the other guests. Annabelle excused herself to chat with her parents, leaving me all alone by the fireplace. I nodded but didn’t say anything. Before I knew it, Ethan and Luke stood beside me.

“Happy New Year, guys,” I said.

“Happy New Year,” both Ethan and Luke returned in unison.

Finally, my eyes found the girl I’d been searching for the whole night. She was talking to Alyson by the food table. She wore a knitted red cardigan under plain green long-sleeves, with cargo pants as her trousers. Her hair was pulled up on a loose ponytail. And as usual, she wore her humongous square-rimmed glasses.

I chuckled at how wacky Dakota dressed up for tonight. Trust her not to follow the dress code.

“The hot girls are over there,” said Ethan, noticing that I was staring at Dakota. He pointed me towards a group of cheerleaders.

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