Chapter 3-It Begins

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"CHIRON!" I called out "I need to talk to you!" I was walking around the Big House looking for Chiron, I couldn't find him.

I ran out to where the targets for archery were and looked around. I asked the head of Apollo cabin Will Solance if he had seen Chiron but he hadn't.

I went to the Athena cabin to ask Annabeth if she knew where Chiron was. When I got there only Annabeth's half brother Malcolm was there.

"Where's Annabeth?" I asked him confused. She said she was going to be in her cabin all morning working on her architect designs for Olympus.

"I thought she was with you" Malcolm replied. "She seemed unfocused and then told me that she was going to look for you, Percy. That was almost an hour ago."

"Okay, thanks Malcolm" I said uneasily. Something is wrong, Something is very wrong.

I went to cabin to see if Annabeth was waiting for me there. She wasn't. I walked down to the beach. "How can I not find Chiron AND Annabeth?" I said to no one.

I heard voices coming from further down the beach. It was Chiron and Annabeth. Why had she told Malcolm she was looking for me when she really wanted to see Chiron? Something was up.

I walked along the bushes and trees on the edge of the beach so I could get closer and listen to their conversation.

"We need to tell him!" Annabeth exclaimed. "I can't keep looking at him knowing the truth!"

"It's not the time yet Annabeth, you know that. I want to delay this day as much as possible. Give the gods more time to think about it" Chiron explained softly.

"I...I think he knows something, somehow. I've had a bad feeling since he came here this year." Annabeth said with a sigh. "I...I'm really worried about him..."

I moved my foot to get a little more comfortable, but a twig snapped, loudly. Chiron whipped his head around looking for where the sound came from. Annabeth slipped on her Yankees hat, it make her invisible.

Now why would she do that...?

I had no idea where Annabeth was since she turned invisible. Chiron called out my name.

"Percy!" He bellowed. Defeated I walked up to him. I didn't say anything. What would I say? Chiron started walking away. 

He turned around and said "go see the oracle." And with that he left.

I stood there looking at the ocean. "Dad..." I said aloud "please help me, with whatever it is...." I make my way to the cave.


I'm sorry it's slow!! It should pick up in chapter 4 or 5 I promise!!! Do you guys wanna wait longer for an update with longer chapters or do you wanna have short chapters with more updates? Let me know! I'm on spring break so my goal is to update everyday till school starts next week. Then from there I'll see if I/you guys like the longer or shorter chapters and then we'll go from there😊

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