Chapter 2-We Meet Again

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That voice.

The one I couldn't get out of my head, it's here.

I took the hand that was currently onto Achilles spot on my back and twisted the person around so their back was up against Thalia's tree.

I kissed her.

When we pulled apart I looked into her beautiful grey eyes and was mesmerized.

"Seaweed brain..." She muttered, "you're crushing me"

I gave her a small smile that she returned and backed away so she could move and we walked hand I hand into camp.

We were walking around camp just talking about what had been going on in our lives. Annabeth was telling me all about her architect job up at Olympus, she started talking about a the different angels and stuff I didn't understand so I just nodded my head and smiled at her.

Gods she was beautiful. I really did miss her.

We walked up to my cabin, cabin number 3. We went inside, Annabeth had offered to help me unpack.

When we walked in Annabeth and I were clobbered into a giant hug.

"BROTHER! ANNABETH!" Tyson bellowed.

"Hey there bud it's good to see you! Are you staying the whole summer?" I asked him.

"Hey Tyson it's good to see you!" Annabeth smiled at him as well.

"HI!!! I leaving next week. I am general of big army. I use my stick to fight!"

"Well I'm glad you're here now Tyson" I said and we hugged again. I really missed the guy, but he had a lot of responsibility as a general of the gods army.

Before I could even unpack we heard the horn for dinner. We ran to the dining pavilion, Annabeth walked away to be with her siblings at the Athena table but before she left I have her a kiss right in front of everyone. What can I say? I have a beautiful, smart, perfect girlfriend that I haven't seen in months I didn't care who saw how much I missed her.

Of course I should have cared who saw because as a blushing Annabeth walked away to her table Clarisse and her sibling walked up to me making kiddy faces and hurling insults, I was close to drawing riptide those Ares kids really knew how to get me mad, and that's just how they liked it. Before things got to out of hand Chiron stomped his foot, his hoof I should say and we sat down and dinner began.

Tyson and I sat and talked about his new position as general and about how school was for me. I drank blue coke like usual. When we gave an offering to the gods I knew what I wanted to ask my dad for. For Athena to accept me as Annabeth's boyfriend, she didn't like me, at all, even though I saved Olympus! I mean what's a guy gotta do?

After dinner Annabeth and I walked down to the beach and just sat looking at the lake and talking for hours, I don't know how long we stayed out but it was defiantly past curfew.

I walked Annabeth back to the Athena cabin we hugged and she was about to go inside when I stopped her and looked into her eyes, and completely forgot what I was gonna say.

"Great, now I look like an idiot..." I thought to myself. She looked confused as to why I stopped her from going to her cabin and sleeping. I blushed and tried to think of why is stopped her in the first place, I couldn't think of it....

"Goodnight Wise Girl" I said softly, she rolled we eyes and walked up to her cabin she opened the door and turned around and said "goodnight kelp head, I missed you a lot" and with that she closed the door and went inside.

"Master, please I will not fail you again. I will do better I promise..."

"You have failed me once. I don't like failures." And with that this mysterious voice flicked its hand and the other voice screamed out in agony, it then stopped. It was dead.

The other voice came out of the shadows, I could only make out a dark silhouette but it turned towards me and said "don't fail me Perseus Jackson, or the same out come will come of you"

I woke up in a cold sweat. What was that? I don't know but I needed to talk to Chiron. Only bad things could come out of being seen in a dream by...well I don't know what it was.

Oh gods, there goes my quiet summer...


So this is longer (woohoo!) and I think it's okay, a little slow but lots of percabeth😉 anything you would change? Anything you hate or love?  

It's almost midnight and I'm about to fall asleep writing this goodnight fellow demigods!

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