Chapter 38

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Bor was thankful Mokembi and Ravki had pried Izara's body from his grip that day when they did.

Left alone in the empty throne room, his fist still covered in her blood, Bor however had not been grateful for Rakkah's interference as he had every intention of following his mate into the afterlife.

His leader, beyond angered at the day's events had snatched the blade from his hand and thrown him against the wall and then to the ground. Kneeling on his chest, Rakkah had ordered Bor to cease his actions. Calmly, he explained to him that Izara's body was too adept at self-preservation to die so easily.

But Rakkah did not see the life fade from her as Bor did. He didn't feel her pull his soul along with hers into the afterlife. Without her, there was no point in his life. He would not walk it without her.

Thankfully he did not have to just yet.

His leader was correct. Izara's body did not accept death so easily. Taken from the throne room back to Ravki's lab she was put back into the sarcophagus. It took weeks for her nanites to wake her up from the coma and another few weeks for her to fully heal. During that time, Bor had stayed with her day and day out barely leaving the lab and her side. He could see Ravki growing weariness at his presence but he ignored the scientist. His mate was all that mattered. It wasn't until her final week that Bor left the lab for short periods of time to get things prepared. For bringing her home and completing his mission Rakkah had intended to bestow him with a ship but Bor had something different in mind.


"I told you to stay away from me! I mean it, Bor!"

Bor had watched Izara wake up in their new bed of their new home just moments ago with a start. The new metal pyramid was a sizable home with two stories and four bedrooms. It was equipped with everything they could need. Unfortunately, his mate did not take the time to enjoy the amenities of the place as she had with the pod back on that unnamed planet. Thankfully, Bor did not expect her to. Taking her from the med lab and transporting her in her sleep to their new home, he was well aware of the risk when he did it.

Now he was simply following her around the small island as she stomped from one end to the other using his sword she had yanked off his belt to cut through the thick jungle. Bor had requested from Rakkah that he have one of the small uninhabited islands off the main continent. Only a few hours away from the main palace they were still close to others yet maintained their privacy.

Izara was currently marching to the east side of the island yelling at him as she did. "You lied to me. I gave you all of me and in return, you only gave me lies! I want nothing to do with you."

Following behind her with ease, Bor could not help but enjoy this version of his mate than the version he had to endure for the past few days back in the med lab. Awake and out of the healing sarcophagus, she had treated him with utter silence no matter how much he tried to engage with her. It wasn't until Ravki gave his all clear did Bor took things into his own hands.

They both came to a stop once they emerged from the tree line to a narrow sandy beach. "I did not tell you what you were because I did not know how you would handle the knowledge without the support of your sisters to guide you through this."

Izara's frown deepened at the mention of the other cyborgs. "Those horrible women are not my sisters. I want nothing to do with them."

Bor nodded. Even he could not forgive Bex for inciting his mate's anger that day in the throne room.

Calmly he brought her back to the topic at hand. "I would not risk my mate's life. You could have activated and wiped all of your memories again. I knew you would not want that."

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