Chapter 17

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Bor was already gone by the time she woke up and Izara was happy for it.

Her face still felt hot at the memory of their little repartee last night. That certainly wasn't the type of comeback she was expecting from the hunter. Admittedly however, she wasn't upset about it. She actually liked knowing he had a sense of humor past those angry eyes and forboding face.

Shielding her eyes from the sun, Izara admired the beautiful clear sky. In front of her, the fire she built earlier was cooling. Bones littered the ashes of the fire. When she woke up she was surprised to find a familiar skinned carcass hanging in the fridge of their new kitchen. Knowing it was for her from Bor, Izara had happily taken it outside to cook.

It was strange how different Bor was from her expectations. She had assumed that after him trying to kill her he would be overly aggressive and off putting. Someone she would constantly have to watch her back around. But out of everyone that escaped the Black Mountain Base Station in their pod it was the youngblood that had helped her the most. He was the one she felt comfortable sleeping with her back towards unlike the other two recently deceased. Despite that pesky little attempt to want to murder her, he wasn't bad at all.

Getting up, she stretched and immediately paused with a frown. Sniffing, Izara made a face.

"Ugh what the fuck," she grumbled picking at the material of her jumpsuit and holding it to her nose. Her frown deepened at the smell. "Screw this."

With a sliding zip of the long zipper, she peeled the filthy stained suit off her body leaving her in her black tank top and underwear. She paused for only the briefest second with instinctive modesty before she reminded herself of a few critical points.

"This is an uninhabited planet, save for the monsters of course," she said holding up a finger in correction before smiling. "And secondly, big-tall-and-mean is out traipsing across the other island." Besides, he had already seen her last night wearing this and seemed unbothered.

Enjoying the hot sun on her bare legs, she grabbed her discarded suit and trudged back up the beach and towards the pod. Time to play around and see what this baby could do.

Tossing her suit onto the work bench she stopped in front of the Medpod and read Kang's vitals. They still weren't looking too good. The system was trying to fight off the infection, but Kang's body was responding poorly.

"I'm sorry," she whispered to the unconscious man. Tapping the screen a few more times, she read the recommended treatment and signed off on each. The system was going to put him into an induced medical coma and try a round of aggressive steroids and antibiotics.

"Computer," Izara called out, waiting for the slight ding of acknowledgment before speaking her command. "Please make sure I am warned of any lulls in the power supply. I want the medpod to have full operating power."

"Of course. I would advise that you use a converter near the beach to generate power from the waves."

Izara took a stumbling step backward and her brows shot up. "Umm yes. Hell yes. I could've used that from the beginning. Yes, please. Where is the converter?"

There was a whirring sound to the right of the workstation and to the left of the medical station where a storage hatch popped open. Going over to it, Izara stood on the tips of her toes to grab the heavy round device.

"On the left southwest quadrant of the outer pod there will be a cable system to hook the converter turbine into," the computer informed her.

Setting down the heavy turbine onto the desk, Izara looked around at the rest of the equipment in the workstation. There was plenty of storage cupboards containing all sorts of tools and raw materials. There was also a large 3D printer off to the right of the table.

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