Chapter 32

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Bor could feel Izara's eyes on his back as they walked through the knee high water across the atoll. Ahead of them was the bigger island. Only this morning after a full week of giving into the arousal shared between them were they finally able to stop their questing hands and focus on other things.

"We should go to the other island," Izara suggested.

His immediate instinct was to deny the request but as he looked at the sky and looked back at the happy woman before him he considered her words.

Following his gaze, Izara had smiled, stepped into the soft sand, and waved her arms at the sky. "It's such a beautiful day out. Besides, we can just pop over and pop back. I sure as hell don't want to go too deep and encounter one of those creepy stalkers."

Bor had said nothing as he looked in the direction of the island. Inside the walls of their hidden beach, he could not see the larger island but he could picture it clearly in his mind. He thought of the dwindling stalker population he had a direct hand in and felt his pride surge. He knew where they nested and if they were careful he could avoid them entirely.

"What reason do you have to go to the island? You do not intend to hunt."

"I know," she replied with a huff, her shoulders sagging as she frowned. "I just don't want to leave this planet, whenever that may be, and never visit it because I was too chicken."

Bor nodded slowly. He had heard other humans use that bird reference before and knew it had something to do with cowardice.

"You are no coward nor are you weak. If going to the island will help you see this about yourself, then I will take you," he told her.

Surprise widened her eyes but another emotion, one he was hesitant to label, filled them with something bright and warm. Reading her well, Bor opened his arms just in time as she flew towards him, hitting his chest with a thump. Her arms wrapped themselves around his neck and he grabbed her by her ass and lifted her to him. Their mouths met with an almost carnal need. The way her fingers speared through his spines clutching his head and holding him in place as she moved her tongue against his made his body tighten. This woman was a disease infecting every part of him and he wanted no remedy.

Now as they walked through the shallow water and onto the wet sand of the other island Bor could feel the lingering hunger between them scoring down the back of his mind like talons. Looking ahead of him at the forest wall a few yards ahead, he scanned their perimeter and listened before turning back to his woman. Dutifully she stood there dressed in her sturdiest pair of pants and a black t-shirt. Her short curly black hair framed her smiling face as she looked up at him expectantly.

"I know your thoughts," he told her gruffly. "And you will cease."

Like a child caught, her cheeks flushed and she gave him a guilty smile. "What? No, I wasn't thinking anything," she said quietly. But the evidence was clear in her grin.

Looking around them once more, Bor confirmed they were safe before turning back to Izara and grabbing her gently by the chin. Tilting her face up, he pinned her with a hard look.

"You will behave yourself and do as I instruct. And once we return to camp you will fall to your hands and knees and present yourself to me."

Izara's eyes crackled with desire he had every intention of filling once they were done. Stepping closer, she put her hand on his chest and Bor had to suppress a growl. "Present what exactly?" her voice purred. "My mouth or my ass?"

Flicking one more cautionary glance around him he pulled his uncontrollable human closer and let out a low growl. "Both," he answered. "Now control yourself and come."

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