Chapter 14

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Bor. She said the name numerous times in her head last night before drifting off to sleep and it was the first word on her mind when she woke up clutching her stolen blade. Looking over to across the room, Izara was relieved and a little disappointed to find the odd yautja already gone.

Stiffly, she moved to sit up wincing in pain as she did. Memo to self, sleeping on the floor sucks balls.

Yawning, she lifted her arms to stretch and immediately grimaced at the crunchy feeling of her skin. Looking down she could see little flecks of dirt drifting down to the floor from her movement. Yeah, she really needed to rinse off.

Again she cast a glance at the spot where the yautja had sat crossed legged last night leaning against the wall. After telling her his name, he didn't say anything else. He was completley content leaving it at that. By the stars, that was not the case for her. She had millions of questions. The first being why he attacked her.

His cryptic, "You did not fight back like you should have," was not good enough. What did that even mean? And why did he lie about killing Deon and Shane? And why did he pretend like he couldn't talk?

She had loads of questions, but...she couldn't get herself to ask any of them. She was too afraid of some of the answers, too afraid it may break the fragile peace between them and have him calling out his blades once more. Instead, she had just laid there last night biting back her curiosity as sleep claimed her.

Checking the computers, Izara frowned at the power supply. She stared at the numbers for a few minutes more, biting her lip, before coming to her decision.

"Computer, please shut down all lights and pod functions beside the medpod," she called out.

Due to the lack of power, she had to look at the screen to see the computer's acknowledgment of her order.

Going to the pod's door she opened the panel next to it and reached inside to hand crank the door. It was archaic, but the action used no power and that's what mattered. This was a luxury grade escape pod, goddammit. And if it took her using a damn hand crank she was going to get power to this fucking thing.

Not bothering shutting the door, Izara stepped out into the humid jungle and walked around the ship until she was stepping into the bright sun and onto the hot sand. She squinted at the sunlight and scanned the area. Ahead of her, the crystal blue waves sloshed back and forth against the white beach. Looking down the beach to her left she saw no signs of the island's other inhabitant. To her right, the beach eventually stopped at a wall of rock about a hundred yards away. She had meant to explore that area the other day when she had forgotten something and went back to the ship only to get attacked.

A shudder passed through her at the bits and pieces of memory from that day. Izara refused to think about it.

Walking forward, she began to unzip her suit. Once more she looked over her shoulder and into the jungle behind her. There was no movement, no feeling of being watched, just the sounds of birds calling out in the trees. Izara smirked to herself. Not that it mattered even if the yautja--correction, Bor--did see her, he didn't care about naked human women. The indifferent hunter seemed to only look at her with frustrated curiosity.

"Except for last night," she murmured as she stepped out of her badly stained jumpsuit and tank top.

Last night there was no indifference in those cold predatory eyes. Standing only in her underwear now, she did another double take at her surroundings. Setting the sword, his sword that she stole, in the sand she stepped into the lapping water of the sea.

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