Chapter 21

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Izara ran over to him.

"Oh shit, Bor!" She could only see a portion of the wound where he covered it with his hand, but she could see the bright green blood oozing steadily down his chest as well as the toll the pain took on him.

His labored breathing and unsteady gait as he continued to walk in the direction of the pod.

"Here," she said holding out an arm with every intention of looping it under one arm to support some of his weight.

Bor held up his hand and pushed her in the chest with a violent snarl.

Izara winced as she stumbled back. "Ow, that was my boob."

Bor did not stop. He just kept walking.

Izara was still frowning at his refusal for help when he turned toward the pod and she caught a glimpse of his back. She gasped.

Eight black spikes were embedded in his back, each one oozing a mixture of bright green blood along with something equally bright and blue.

Biting her lip she ran up to him and hovered fretfully by his side with each step. Steps she noticed that were getting slower with each one. They were nearly at the pod door, just fifteen more feet.

Awkwardly, she reached for his arm, but Bor gave her another low warning sound.

Frustrated she yelled at him. "Dammit just let me help!"

Bor said nothing for the longest. There was an exhaustion in his features she had never seen before. From the tired dim glow of his eyes and the relaxed open hang of his mandibles that were usually closed tightly around his mouth.

Running ahead of him, Izara opened the pod door. "Computer bring out a stool."

Izara didn't bother looking behind her as a stool was no doubt produced from a hidden place in the wall. She stood by the door watching as Bor slowly dragged himself forward. Deciding not to wait a second longer, she reached gently for his elbows and pulled him the rest of the way inside and guided him to the waiting stool.

"Computer, lower the right hoist with its stabilizing attachment," she called out as she began pushing Bor onto the hovering stool to the medical station.

Walking around him, she hissed under her breath at the closer look at the spikes. Hesitantly, she stepped closer to them.

Bor visibly tensed followed by a wave of angry clicking the movement cost him.

"Do not," he huffed tiredly, his deep voice an almost unintelligible growl. "They are venomous."

Izara bit back a curse and turned to grab the now hanging hoist with its triangle attachment at the end. Normally, one would use both ceiling hoist to lift and carry large objects, but for now she would only need one. Bringing the hoist close, she unattached the rod hanging between the two chains that made it its triangle shape and wordlessly slipped it under the yautja's arms in front of his chest.

Understanding what she intended, Bor let her move him about until she had the bar attached again to its chains.

"Computer, lift the hoist nine inches."

Automatically, the hoist began to retract back in the ceiling until Bor was able to rest his weight on the support.

"Okay, now for the hard part," she said, turning to the workbench.

After opening and closing a few drawers she stepped back now wearing a pair of heavy duty gloves and holding a long pair of tongs.

Bor's eyes met hers and through the fatigue she could see the quiet determination in them as he gave her an imperceptible nod.

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