Eliza~ Understand the obsession

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Eliza Pov
I don't usually dress this way. Hell, I never dress this way. My standard attire is combat boots, jeans and a plain T-shirt. So you can imagine my discomfort when I pulled on a tight fitted, strapless, navy blue dress with a sweet heart neckline.

I grabbed the door frame of my bathroom to maintain balance as I stepped into my black strappy heels. I took a long look in the mirror.

I have long black hair that I was told I inherited from my grandmother and curvy hips with long legs and thick lips. Personally, I think they are way too thick but what can I do? I have dark colored eyes.

My brother calls them poopy colored. Ya, he's weird but he's all I've got. I am Mexican and white. Mexican from my mother's side and white from my dad's.

Thinking about them brings a sharp pain to my heart. Eliza don't think about that tonight you have one goal. I was racked with nerves. This whole outfit was putting me on edge.

" I don't know about this G this doesn't feel like me," I called out tugging at the hem of my dress. Gianna is my best friend. She's been with me through thick and thin...she's a little crazy and outgoing the exact opposite of me, but I love her to the moon and back. Gianna has thick red hair and she's gorgeous.

She was currently in my room helping me prepare for a party. " Get your ass out here so I can see, I'll decide if it looks like it's you." she said. I rolled my eyes. Bossy as always.

"What if he thinks I'm just one of those sluts?" I said panicking. With one last look in the mirror I stepped out of the bathroom. I looked at her anxiously.

For years she has been begging me to let her dress me up and I finally had a reason to let her. That reason was two words Ashton Anderson.

I've always thought that he looked hot and I've watched him from afar. He's one of the most popular guys in school

and for the first time I served him at Max's Diner and he invited me to a party he was hosting at his lake house. Gianna squealed in delight at the sight of me.

"You look sexy! Oh my goodness we're gonna be the hottest girls at the party. Ashton won't be able to take his eyes off you!" she said excitedly. Then she gasped and stood up, circling me. She reached out and touched my butt.

"Look at this! Curves. And a butt! I knew you had them all along." she said playfully.

"Quite it." I laughed swatting her hand away.

"Ashton's gonna be on his knees by the end of the night!...or you will be." she said wiggling her perfectly weaved brow at me.

" G! Ew. Come on we both know that's more your style," I said cheekily. After we finished hair and makeup we jumped in my brothers Jeep and headed to the party.

My brother is usually asleep by now but he thinks I'm sleeping over at Gianna's house. And made it clear that there better not be any boys in my vicinity tonight and most likely ever.

My palms were beginning to sweat. What if Ashton forgets that he even invited me! That would be so awkward. Gosh, he was so hot just thinking about him makes me want to jump up and down in my seat.

I'm not some anti-social nerd just..ever since the incident I've separated myself from everyone and put up a wall around my self. Gianna, she could fit in anywhere, and befriend anybody and some how she ended up being my best friend.

I feel like tonight I can give myself that second chance. "You ready Ash-iza?" Gianna said, taking her eyes off the road to wink at me. I gasped as she made a sharp turn around the corner.

She's always been a bad driver. In fact my brother specifically said not to let her drive but...she insisted.

" Really! You gave us a couple name already!" I said holding on to the handle for my dear life.

" Of course. I can just see it. I'm telling you, he wants you. And what Ashton Anderson wants. He gets." she said. I suddenly became uneasy. This conversation was making me anxious so I changed the subject.

My mind jumped to the conversation we had in class about the Falcon Aliens. " G, so what do you think about the new treaty the Falcon's are making with the U.S government? Think it will hold and that we'll allow them on or land?" I asked.

"Of course! They have to agree! Whatever. Why are we talking about this? Tonight is a big night!!," she said in a daze as she parked the car. Of course she would say that.

" Sorry, I'm just nervous. I need to get my mind off this party." I admitted, tugging my dress down.

But one thing was for sure, Gianna loved the Galcons. Her opinion is completely biased because she she loves that one Falcon- " Luke Harrison, the love of my life," she moaned. I just don't understand the obsession, she has only seen them on T.V.

"Too bad he doesn't now you exist," I said. Even though she knows it's true she always starts fuming when I say that, it's hilarious. She grunts and stomps through the grass, completely ignoring the path heading towards the party.

She has a boyfriend! Ugh. Whatever. The music was loud and booming and the house was full of life. Not wanting to enter the party alone I quickened my pace and linked my arm through hers.

" You know if the treaty is successful then you might just get your chance," I said. She fought it but a grin broke out on to her face and I knew I was forgiven.

She tugged me through the front door that was propped open. "Let's go get your man." I laughed and followed her in.

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