Jounin Test

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Kakashi woke up early the next day to find he was being cuddled by his three teenage almost adult shinobi. Kyoko was on his right, Sasuke on his left and Naruto was almost completely on top of him, sleeping peacefully. Bluntly speaking, Kakashi did not want to move from where he is, as he felt very warm and comfortable despite the weight. But he had to get up, as they needed to prepare for the Jounin test Sasuke had been pushing back. Just like Neji, Lee, Tenten and Shikamaru, Sasuke had been appointed for a promotion to the Jounin level but he had pushed it back citing personal reasons. But now the team was together Kakashi was pretty sure Sasuke would take part in the exam and pass with flying colours.

Kyoko woke up at the movement yawning, "Good morning Sensei, boys, are you awake yet?"

Naruto as well, "Morning. I am awake but this is too comfy."

Sasuke grunted, "Yeah, don't move. I missed cuddling like this."

Kakashi chuckled, "A few minutes more but after that we have to move my little pups. I believe you need to prepare for the Jounin level exam Sasuke. You have stalled it long enough."

Sasuke grumbled, "Why couldn't I be a Tokubetsu Jounin as well? I would not have to worry about promotions then."

Kyoko laughed, "Guess it was luck."

Naruto giggled, "Don't worry Sasuke, we will support you. Oh! I noticed Neji, Lee, Tenten and Shikamaru were wearing Jounin vests too. Temari as well maybe, I am not sure."

Kakashi ran his hands through his blond student's hair, "They were, Gai's team cleared the Jounin exam one and half years ago. Shikamaru cleared it last year and I am sure Temari is a freshly minted Jounin."

Sasuke stretched his back lazily, "I believe she got a field promotion after saving the Rock Daimyo's grandson."

Naruto looked surprised at that, "She was not planning on the promotion?"

Kyoko hummed, "No, I think she wanted to master a few more air based jutsus before accepting the title of Jounin, but that incident happened and she got promoted on the field."

Sasuke, "She can still master them but she has more responsibilities too now."

Naruto pouted then, "Does that mean when Sasuke becomes a Jounin our time together will decrease as well?"

Kyoko pat his back in comfort, "Looks like it but don't worry Naruto we will figure something out, you will see."

Kakashi hummed listening to his three pups almost wolves plan methods and ways to spend time together. He decided the other Jounin and ANBU members can deal with the preparations along with his clones. He was going to spend time with his pups instead, well, they are no longer pups now but they will always be one in his eyes. Was he playing a fine line between following the rule and insubordination? Yes, yes he was. Did he really care? Not at all, he has been doing this for years. The only difference between his past and current self was the fact he had three very valid reasons for it. His three pups turned to him and shared plans to have a private party with just the four of them after the exam.

Kakashi, "Now, how can I say no to my pups?"

Sasuke gave a small smile, "Good, because even if you did reject the idea I know Kyoko here will find a way to make sure you join us."

Kyoko puffed up, "Of course I will. We are shinobi which means our life expectancy is unsure. So, we should make happy and fun memories to remember others by."

Naruto grinned, "And I will help hide the evidence of tampering and manipulation. I have gotten good at hiding my trails."

Kakashi bellowed a laugh, "I believe you, my clever little wolves."

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