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Pen Your Pride


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I was really nervous, I was the maid of honor. What If I screwed up? We were doing hair and makeup, Maria came out in her dress. "Oh my god the bridesmaid dresses are beautiful!" Squealed Jane. We did Maria's hair and makeup, I did her nails. When we were done she looked amazing! "Taadaa!" Said Maria striking a dramatic pose. Pepper came out of the bathroom, "oh my god Maria that looks amazing!" We wrestled pepper into the chair, I did her hair, Maria helped, and Jane did makeup, suddenly someone knocked at the door, "guys it's Clint open up!" I peered through the peephole, it was Clint. I let him in, "thank god! Tony was driving me insane!" We laughed "he's probably nervous Clint!" Said Maria through a mouthful of bobby pins. "Oh....should I go see him?" He asked. "Yes, but don't let him drink any alcohol!" Said pepper rolling her eyes "ok...bye ladies!" He waved and we waved back. Then when he was gone we finished all of the hair and makeup, pepper looked gorgeous! We had an hour to get to the church and get ready, we all piled Into the jet, I swung into the cockpit. Everyone else slipped into the back, Maria was the co-pilot. When we arrived everyone except tony was there setting up, we parked in the parking lot then sent the plane back to the hellicarrier. The. We hurried inside to get ready, the bouquets were in the dressing room so we grabbed them. Suddenly a man with sandy brown hair came barging through, I drew my gun. "Nat put that down! That's my dad!" I unloaded it and stuck the safety back on. I placed it on the table, "sorry it's a first instinct," I said quietly. "Hahaha no worries!" He said hugging pepper. "Virginia! Where are you!?" A woman's voice called. Pepper winced "mom I'm in here!" I heard heels clacking and a woman trotted in closing the door behind her, "oh Virginia why didn't you let me be your maid of honor? I am your mother!" "Places everyone!" Tony said into My earpiece, we got into position. The ceremony went down without a hitch, the party is when things got rowdy. Everyone by me and Steve were drunk, not flat on their face drunk. More party drunk, "hey Natasha" he said. I smiled "hey Steve" he looked at my glass and frowned "Natasha is that...?" I shook my head quickly, " it's peppers glass, she went to dance with tony." Pepper came back and grabbed her glass, a waltz came on. Clint was dancing with pepper, "do you want to dance Natasha?" Steve asked. I smiled and put my hand on his shoulder and the other in his hand, he grabbed my hand and put his other hand on my waist, I let him lead. After the song ended Steve wandered away, I checked my phone. It was late, Clint found me and we headed home.

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