chapter 1

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"[n/n], aberrant on your right!" Erwin shouted towards me as I used my three-dimensional maneuver gear to race through the trees, the 13-meter whipping its right arm to grab me. I landed on a branch and jumped on its arm, sliding my blade down, cutting his limb, while I quickly dashed towards his head. I jumped off his shoulder and used my 3D maneuver gear again to turn myself around and sliced off the piece of his neck. I jumped on his head and held on to his hair as the titan started to fall. I ran towards my horse and away from the burning head of the titan once he hit the ground. I whipped my horse's rein and caught up to the other squads. "Are you okay?!" Hanji exclaimed towards me and I just nodded, determination filling my eyes.

We rode out of the forest and into flat lands, making my heart beat out of my chest due to fear and relief. If more titans attack, it would be harder to fight, not being able to use our 3D maneuver gears but we were finally nearing the human territory. We were finally nearing our homes.

Tears were brought to my eyes, remembering all the soldiers who couldn't make it to see their families again, as the fresh air blew on my face. My breathing got heavy when my face soaked with tears making me pull my hood lower down my face so no comrades of mine would see how really weak I was. "Two 9-meter titans behind us!" My heartbeat quickened and I looked ahead to the large opening in the wall in the Shiganshina district where the first colossal titan appeared. "But we're so close.." I heard a cadet whisper to herself as I turned to look back at the many more than two titans following us. We all got closer together to fit through the hole and was in a tighter space between the broken houses in the old city in the district which made it harder to ran away from the titans, who came from all sides now. I abruptly pulled my horse to a halt and turned on a very tight-spaced corner to my right.
"[n/n]!" I heard Erwin shout from behind me, "what are you doing?!" I turned right again and started going towards the titans. I grunted as I held tightly on the rein with my left hand and on to both of my blades with the right, quickly standing on the saddle. I let go of the rein, grabbed one of the blade with my left hand and jumped off my horse using my 3D maneuver gear before I hit the floor. I jumped high above a titan, who's back was facing me, and sliced his neck. I landed on a roof and ran towards the titans that was nearing the formation. I jumped off the roof and ran on a titan's shoulder, cutting his neck then going on his other shoulder to knock off another titan. I landed on another roof of a house and watched the titans fall.

"[n/n]!" I heard one of my squad member call out to me. I look towards his direction and saw my squad along with Hanji's squad. "What are you doing?!" They landed next to me but I just ran off, throwing my blades towards the 15-meter's eyes. He roared in pain as I jumped on his head and sliced his neck after grabbing a new set of blades. "They're clear!" Natha, one of my other cadets, screamed and everyone started swinging back to their horses. I jumped on mine and raced forward to follow them when a green smoke flew in the air, pointed to right. We made our way to the Karanese district, not being able to go through Trost due to the plan Pixis had with a titan shifter. Or atleast, thats what his messenger told us. I furrowed my eyebrows as I saw another 15-meter aberrant running towards us. I raced as fast as I could, jumping off of the horse again while using the wall beside us with the 3D maneuver gear and landing in front the titan before I made him fall to the ground. The formation avoided the falling titan and I made my way to my horse again. I looked behind me and saw a 8-meter and 14-meter class running towards me. The gate opened and everyone went inside while I was severely far and still trying to run away from the titans. The 14-meter stomped its foot hard on the ground making my horse tripped, sending me flying across the floor and going ahead of me. "No!" I yelled, standing up to run. I used my 3D maneuver gear to jump again when the titan tried to grab me. I was near the gate, only being a few feet away.

I managed to outrun the titans and ran inside, where everyone stood in shock before I lowered my hood even more. Once the gate was closed, the civilians started clapping and cheering while I walked towards my horse. We started off the path, everyone keeping their heads high pretending not to hear the few unwanted comments.

"Did you make it your job to get yourself killed?" I heard Levi say beside me as he kept his stare upfront but I knew he was talking to me. "Nope." I simply said as I made my horse go a little faster than him. "I just made it my job to protect you cowards." I felt his stare burn on my covered neck as I pulled my hood down, even more lower than before.

No one knows my real name. Nor do the civilians and most of my comrades know what I look like due to the hood thats always lowered down my face. I don't plan on changing that anytime soon though. Its better that they don't know.

"Look its Captain Levi and Captain [n/n]!" I heard some children shout from the sides of the horses. "My daddy said they're the strongest of them all!" They laughed and continued running a long with us. "Strongest of them all, eh?" I smiled down to myself but kept my attention to the children. "Speaking of my daddy. Where is he?" My heart abruptly stopped and so did my breathing. I sat there, looking down, as my hands on the rein started shaking. "He should be here. This is his team." I closed my eyes for a minute when they stopped following us, realizing what had happened. "Daddy?" I heard her soft voice call out but no one approached or answered her. "I'm sorry.." I whispered to myself, hoping that she would hear me, somehow.

"Look at all these people.." Natha whispered as she caught up next to me. "They look so hurt." Tears began to fall from her eyes the more she looked around. "Thats the price they had to pay for letting their love ones join the Survey Corps." Levi said with no emotion in his voice, making my blood boil and heart beat faster.

"Levi, I know you don't know what it feels like to have a heart," I said while I held tightly on the rein, trying to calm myself down before I do something unexpected. "but don't you dare shame others who actually do." I whipped the rein and made my horse go faster, passing the others that was in front of me. I felt the stares burn throughout my body as they chanted out my given nickname. The tears quickly fell off my cheeks due to the large gush of wind blowing on my face. Anger was over powering me but sadness was over powering that.

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