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"And we've got that love in us, so if the drink kills us, we're gonna dance all night to the floor fillers"

Izi's POV

I woke up more excited than I have ever been. I showered and dried my hair, leaving my face without makeup as I wandered down the street looking for something to wear. I popped into a little boutique a few blocks down from my apartment and instantly found what I was looking for. It was a short white dress, cut low enough to be sexy but still leaving something to the imagination. It sat tight on my waist before flowing down and grazing my mid thigh. It was perfect, and for once in my life I actually liked how I looked. The shop assistant placed it in a bag for me, making small talk as I pulled my credit card out of my wallet and paid. I thanked her and reciprocated her fake smile as I left the store. I got home around 4 o'clock, messing around for a bit before I started to get ready. I'd never really been one to dress up a lot, but I did my best at applying my makeup and then straightened my hair. I looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw; my light brown hair falling just below my shoulders, my bright blue eyes standing out nicely. I called a taxi and he arrived at 7:55. I ignored the sleazy comment he made about my appearance and told him the address. We pulled up outside the bar at 8:10, I grabbed my wallet to pay him but he refused.

"Beautiful girl like you doesn't need to pay." I rolled my eyes but thanked him sweetly before I jumped out of the cab and slammed the door. I shivered as the cold night hair hit me, tightening my coat around my body. There were people everywhere! Paparazzi, fans. It was insane! I pulled out my phone and texted Harry:

I'm here. It's fucking freezing, let me in!

His reply came back only a few seconds later:
Okay, hang on Miss Australia!

I scoffed at my phone and slipped it back into my bag. A few minutes passed and I was greeted by none other than Preston. His tough appearance comforting me slightly in the crowd of people.

"Hello love!" He boomed, swinging an arm around my shoulders and hugging me tightly. I smiled at him and he gave my arm a squeeze.

"Let's head in. These things are pretty confronting the first time so come and find me if you need anything." I nodded at him, taking a deep breath as he lead me into the bar. The energy inside was unreal, I held onto Preston's arm as he lead me to a booth in the back corner where I saw Harry sitting with his arm around a pretty blonde girl. A pang of jealousy hit me, but I ignored it. He was deep in conversation with Nick Grimshaw, they seemed to be arguing about sport. His head shot up as Preston tapped him on the shoulder. His eyes widening happily when he saw me, instantly jumping up and wrapping me in a massive hug. I squeezed him tightly before pulling away and looking at him. He was wearing tight black pants with a sheer black shirt, a black coat sitting on the seat behind him.

"This is Nick and Nadine." he stated, revealing the identity of the blonde girl. I think she was a model or something. I smiled politely at them and they smiled back. Harry pulled my arm so I was next to him;

"I'm so drunk!" he yelled in my ear, giggling slightly afterwards. "Let's do shots, get you on my level." He said as he dragged me towards the bar. He ordered four shots of tequila.

"Three for you, one for me!" he said as he slid the glasses in front of me, a goofy smile plastered across his face. I downed the shots one after the other as he watched me. It wasn't going to take long before I was on his level, I'd always been a light weight.

"Come on, let's go meet people. I'll introduce you to everyone." He yelled over the music, slinging an arm around my shoulder and guiding me across the room. He introduced me to nearly everyone in there, most of whom I knew of, but I pretended I didn't. None of them paid much mind to me anyway, all gushing over Harry instead. Telling him how amazing he was as he graciously thanked them. We wandered over to a table in the far corner, I noticed Louis and Liam sitting on it, surrounded by about six other guys, all laughing and talking loudly.

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