Chapter One

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Layly (Lay-ly)
Harlem in media
And the Game
A:N) Now I know Layly is not his ex-wife's name or what she looks like I wanna make this how I wanna, before rapping. This is based off the song 'Ryda' by The Game and Dej Loaf I love this song.

Jayceon A.K.A The Game Pov-

My Family.
That's how I describe them.
I love my wife, we been through the most.
My daughter is my heart she my only girl.
My son's don't understand it the just know they get the best.
I'm a drug lord the hottest in California. The biggest!
My wife hold it down and me down.

We met when she was my lawyer, I was facing ten years for drug trafficking , but she got me off on two years probation. We clicked after that. We had our first son Harlem when she was twenty- two and I was twenty - five.
Then we had King, then my baby Cali.

-Present day-
"Jayceon wake up!", Layly smacked my ass. "Aye quit that gay shit man", I said pulling the 'Versace', sheets up on my chest some more.

I heard Cali walk into the room and King right behind her, "Momma, King said my hair was nappy", Cali said smacking her teeth. "King apologize, Cali no snitching, it's not good", Lay told them both before climbing next to me laying on my chest. The kids laid at the bottom of the bed. I rubbed my hand on her ass grabbing a little. Harlem came into the room , laying on Lay's legs.

I was now thirty years old and Lay was twenty eight. Harlem was eight, King was six, and Cali was four. They all get along and love each other....Sometimes.

My phone rang, "Hello?", I asked into the receiver.
"When are my grand babies coming over Jacy", my mom Lynette Taylor at the age of sixty three, she still looking good and taking care of herself. "Ma you know the kids staying for a whole month summer they have a few more days of school left", I said rolling my eyes. She loves them so much.

"Yea okay, love you guys”, she hung up. My "work phone" rang, "Aye boss, we got a man saying he wanna do business", my main man almost like my brother, Moe said into the phone. I got out of bed and put on my shirt. "Bae I be back, kids don't give ya momma a hard time for school", I put my shoes on. Kissing my wife and all three of my kids.

Layly Taylor's Pov-

I laid in the bed talking on the phone with my sister, Sabrina, "Girl these damn kids, im not having anymore, “she said yelling at her oldest son DeShawn for not picking his brother up.

Once we got off the phone I went and took a thirty minute shower, lotioned up, and picked out my outfit. A long white maxi dress with gold jewelry and my Gucci sandals. I went into Cali's room picking her out a sun dress with a lot of colors, Pink sandals and a yellow bow. It gets hot out in California.

I picked Harlem and King out some True Religion shorts, and a regular True religion shirt, ankle socks, and a pair of dark blue Kyrie's. "Harlem go get in the tub ,King use mommy's bathroom so I can keep an eye on you.", I started to unbraid Cali's hair so it would be crimpy. I slicked down her baby hair and put her bow in. "Did daddy give you a bath mama?", I asked putting my hair in a slick back ponytail, a putting my studs in my ear. "Yes momma him did", she said taking off her shirt. I started lotioning King up and putting on his socks. Making sure to monitor Cali to make sure she didn't need help.

Once we we're all ready I grabbed a water bottle , my keys, money, and my purse and got the kids in the car. "Momma daddy calling you", Harlem said picking up my phone. "Hey baby", I strapped Cali in and shut the door. “Wassup what yall finna do?", he asked starting his car. "Finna go to the mall and stuff, why", I asked starting mine. “Wait for me I wanna go I'm pulling up" he hung up. " Daddy coming ma?", Harlem asked. I told him yes before scrolling down Instagram.

I saw Jacyeon get out of his car with a whole new True Religion outfit on. I kept scrolling and double tapped my sister's recent post. He got in the car looking back at the kids and leaning over the console to give me a kiss and grab my ass."Ew daddy, don't sexy kiss my mommy", King said scrunching up his face making me chuckle. " I started the car and pulled out the drive way.

-The Game's POV-

We we're walking hand and hand with the kids walking in front of us. "Daddy I want a 'build-a-bear'", Cali said pointing to the store. We walked into the store. Lay was snapping pictures of her while I took the boys to The new 'True Religion' store. I was looking at the Men's section while the boy's looked in their section. Lay texted me saying she was just gonna take Cali and herself shopping while we do us. "Come on boys let's go to the 'Polo' store", I paid for our stuff.

-After shopping-
-Layly's Pov-

I made sure all the kids we're in the car while Jac' put the bags into the trunk. He got in the car. "What do you guys want for lunch"?, I asked checking before pulling out. Jacyeon put his hand on the inside of my thigh. "Momma I want to go to 'Red Lobster'", Cali said popping up. Everyone agreed.

-At Red Lobster-

"Can I have a table for five and two kid's meals", I said holding Cali. “Yes ma'am follow me right this way”, she grabbed all our menus. I walked in front of her with my purse and King's hand. We finally got to our booth. She moved next to Jacy, "So can I start you off with a drink", she tried to be cute. Stiff ass weave. "Actually my HUSBAND and I want a water and can I have a Red wine and a beer for him my youngest ones want fruit PUNCH and my eldest wants a sprite", I said with a fake smile shooing her away. I mean mugged Game. "Don't talk to me", I put my hand up.

We all ended as the kids told us stories.

-Sorry for mistakes used my phone, I might like this more people down the line-

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