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Wasn't That A Scary..


And Terrifying Tale?

If You Didn't Think So,
Then Go **** Yourself

Anyways, The Moral Of The Story Is Always Be Nice To Your Siblings

Unless It's Branch,
Then It's Okay To Scare Him

Cause As His Cloud BFF, It's My Job To Scary And Prank Dumpy Diapers All Day, Every Day, 24/7

And I Don't Get Scared So Easily

"mew 🧟‍♂️"
A Zombie Version Of Mr. Dinkles Wiggled Up Towards Cloud Guy.

Cloud Guy Flinched And Shrieked In A High Pitched Female Scream.

🎃 H A P P Y
H A I R L O W E E N 🎃

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