👻 Chapter 2 👻

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~The Next Day~

In The Beautiful Breezy Autumn Morning, The Trolls From All Over The Kingdom Were Gathered In Pop Village.

Everyone Was All Cheery And Bright, As Usual, But They Were All Doing Their Part To Get And Create Decorations For The Big Hairloween Bash That Would Take Place In The Bergen Town Castle Hairloween Night.

Caterbuses And Glowbugs Carried Trolls To And From Bergen Town As They Delivered The Festivities And Decorations For The Party.

Going Around Doing Her Queenly Check-In, Poppy Went Around Making Sure Everything Was In Order For The Party And That Everyone Was Satisfied.

Nearby, Riff Was Deciding Between Two Different Costumes He Would Wear For Hairloween.

Poppy Came From Behind Riff's Shoulders And Helped Him.
"Definitely Go For That One!"

"Ohhhh! Duhhh! You're Right! Poppy, You Are A Saint!"
Riff Grinned Happily, As He Chose The Madonna Costume.

Hickory Was Struggling To Carve A Pumpkin By Himself.

In A Pink Blur, Poppy Dashed To Carve The Pumpkin Into A Scary Face That Looked Like Creek.

"Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs- I LOVE IT! And Yet Hate It"
Hickory Patted The Pumpkin.

Poppy Slid By Some Trolls Carrying Heavy Bowls Of Candy.
"Pumpkin Spice Hair-latte?"

"You Just Read Our Minds!"
The Two Trolls Grabbed The Drinks And Slurped Them Up Immediately.

Poppy Went Over To The Baking Table, Where She Was Decorating Hairloween Themed Cookies With Delicious Frosting.

"There We Gooooo!"
Poppy Said Proudly, Wiping Her Head.

Soon, Satin & Chenille, Along With Prince D And Cooper, Came Over To See What Poppy Was Up To.

"Wow Poppy! Those Cookies Smell So Good!"
Satin Said.

Chenille Sniffed The Air.
"I'm Getting A Hint Of Carmel And...Oo! Fudgenuts!"

"You Are Correct! The More The Fudge, The More Nuts!"
Poppy Winked.

"And I'll Be The First To Taste Test Those Nuts!"
Cooper Leaned His Mouth Over To Eat A Cookie.

Poppy Jumped In Front Of Cooper To Prevent Him From Eating.
"NO COOPER! It's For The Party Tomorrow Night! There Has To Be Enough For Everyone"

"But Poppy...I Can't Resist The Fudge! Or The Nuts! ☹️"
Cooper Frowned.

"I'm Pretty Sure You Can Coop. But Everything Looks Sick Pops!"
Prince D Complimented.

"Thanks Guys! I'm Totally Not Going On All Out Cause BroZone Is Gonna Be Joining Us For Hairloween For The First Time Cause That Would Be Obsessive! BAHAHAHAHA! Amirite?"
Poppy Laughed To Herself.

"Heyyy, Aren't These BroZone Faces On These Cookies?"
Cooper Gestured.

Poppy Grabbed Coopers Face Away.
"ANYWAAAAYS, I Thought You Guys Were Helping Biggie Picking Out His Costume. Did He Choose One?"

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