chapter 2

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We talked like that for hours. After that, we decided to bid goodbye.

"Hey, who is going to pick up you?" Shakura asked. "Oh Niki, he will" I said. "Well, then let's wait together, my dad is going to pick up me" she said while smiling. "Oh sure!" I said. I'm happy she is with me or I'll be bored and lonely.

After like 15 min. Niki entered in cafe. Why did he dress up so much? Does he think he is a celebrity or what? He is wearing a mask too.

"Oh there he is, oh your dad is still not here. You want us to wait with you?" I said. "No, it's ok, you can go" she said. I nodded.

Niki came near us.

"He is so hot yk" Shakura whispered in my ear. I rolled my eyes. "No way, you have some problem in your eyes" I said. "No, you have some problem in your eyes", Shakura said.

Well, no, I know he is handsome, but honestly I don't wanna admit it. Why? Because it's my choice and he is my best friend, no matter how handsome he becomes, he will always be ugly for me.

"Shut up" I said to her. "Hello", niki said to Shakura. Her cheeks became bright pink. She is blushing? Because of this duck? Wow "hi" she said sweetly. "Well, OK, bye shakura, take care" I said. "You too" she said, and then me and Niki left her.

"Huh yk I think your friend is whipped for me because yk my handsome face. Ah what should I do? Why am I so handsome?" Niki said and flipped his imaginary long hair. We are in a car right now. I rolled my eyes. "Shut up and drive, Mr. Driver" I said. "You will never understand my beauty, forget it" he said shaking his head.

[ time skip ]

I'm at Niki's house because my parents are busy like always. Well, I don't hate it. I know they love me so much. I know they are always busy because their job is like this. 

"Hey yk I got like 40 gifts today", Niki said. "who gave you gifts?" I asked. "oh yk like I said I'm handsome, so every girl in the school is whipped for me" he said, smirking. "oh ok ok" I said and waved my hand. 

When we were eating dinner, I remembered I didn't ask Sunoo for his number. Well, I should ask Niki. 

"Hey, you have sunoo number?" I asked. "Yes, why?" He said. "Oh, well I forgot to ask for his number" I said. "you can ask him tomorrow about that" he said. "no I want it now I wanna talk to him" i said. "like why?" He said raising one eyebrow. "oh niki, I want to be friend with him like we both are" i said. "I'm not giving you, you can ask him tomorrow go sleep now" he said and left. 

Huh? Why is he like that? Can't he just give me a number? This Lil duck. He is always like that. 

"Hey wanna play PS5!?" Niki shouted from his room. "Yeah sure! I'm coming!" I said. I went to his room. 

We played for like 2 hours and it was already midnight. 

"Ok I'm going to sleep, good night duckie" I said. "Say that name one more time and I'll.." he said like a warning.  "You will what? Huh?" I said. "ah forget it, bye good night" he said. "coward" I said. "what?" He asked. "nothing nothing" I said and left.

[ time skip ]

We went to school.

"Heyyyyyy yuriiiiiii~~~" sunoo shouted my name and ran to us. "heyy sunoo, good morning!" I said smiling. "good morning ~~~" he said, smiling. Oh my god, he is so cute!

"Yk I'm here too", Niki said, crossing his arms.

"Oh hello Niki, sorry I didn't see you" Sunno said. A little giggle escaped my lips. "Don't you dare to laugh at this and Sunno I'm your friend or she is your friend, huh?" Niki said. "You both are my friends" Sunno said while shaking his head.

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