Chapter 3

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Chloe's pov.
Wow he is fucking hot. I ditched the next 2 periods because I can't be near him it actually hurts me because I know he is going to reject me.
It will be lunch soon so I start making my way back to school and away from my hide out.
I soon come across the mega bitches the grab me and start hitting me.
" you're such a stupid whore!" One shouts at me.
" No one will ever want you." Again.
" I hope you die in hell."
" your so fat you should starve yourself!"
I just zoned out as I slowly lost all my sight I don't even fight back anymore.
I just let the darkness take over.
Aces Pov.
Something's wrong my wolf keeps on screaming MATE.
"Yes I know Cody we found our mate we will see her soon." I told him.
" NO MATE IN DANGER!" He yelled.
I quickly got up and left the class the teachers don't ask why because I'm alpha.
I run tracing her scent. I also smell blood this is making me very angry I take my clothes off and shift into my big black wolf and run to her I mind link my beta and tell him to bring others. I soon reach her and not long after comes my beta.
I shift back and put shorts on not worried about a top.
I see her and run she is covered in blood and people around her are kicking and punching her.
This makes me let a threatening growl.
The people hitting her turn around and face me.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" I roared.
" We are teaching this useless slut a lesson!" They told me.
' take them to the Dungeons' I mind linked my beta.
I then run over to my make pick her up bridal style and get my third in commands spare car key and drive back to the pack hour
Se where I get Macy the pack doctor to check her.
"How is she?" I ask
" Alpha I have good and bad news what would you like first?"
" Good."
" well she is in a stable condition and should be waking up very soon."
" and what's the bad news."
" it Seems Chloe has been abused and raped for a very long time I would be surprised if her wolf is even alive she is very weak but just keep an eye her. Gain her trust and let her move in here."
" Thank you "
I was furious to think that someone had been doing this to my Mate for such a long time and nobody doing anything about it is just horrible I'm sure my mate is a amazing girl and I'm going to show her that I won't hurt her and that she can be safe

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