Chapter 1.

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Chloe ^
Chloe's pov....
Beeeep.......beeeeepppp. Beeeeeeppp.
Uuggggh why do I have to have these stupid alarm clocks.
That there was my amazing mother... Not.
They tell me everyday that the moment my mate sees me he will reject me.
They have told me this all my life.
That I was a mistake.
It used to bother me but now it doesn't.
They abuse me if I don't do something the ask.
" COMING!" I shout from my bedroom.
If you can even call it that. I live in the attic.
I went down stairs and started to make eggs, bacon, pancakes.
I leave there food on the table and grab my bags ready for school.
There is a new pack starting our school today. I really hope that one of them arnt my mate because I really don't want to be rejected.
Aces Pov
Today is they day I move my pack to a new school in hope we can find our new Luna.
Something keeps telling me she's here and my wolf Cody has been restless.
I go to my bike ( motorcycle) and jump on heading to school pearly to get a schedule.
I can't wait.
At school
Chloe's pov.
I finally get to school after walking for 45 minutes.
I go to my locker and smell the most amazing smell.
Mm Smells like pancakes. Shit it's my mate.....
I quickly run up to math and hope to lord he didn't notice me or is in any of my classes.

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