Chapter 2: Over the years

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In the first year after Percy was sent to Tartarus, there was uproar. The Romans wanted to wage war on Olympus, and the Greeks were ready to back them.

Thankfully, they stopped. Why? Out of respect. Respect for Percy.

They realized that Percy wouldn't have wanted them to go to war over him. He would have wanted them to live their lives in peace and be able to have good experiences. And, of course, no one wanted to wrap his kids up in a war.

Annabeth had twins, although not fully identical. The girl, who she named Coral, had black hair and grey eyes, while the boy, Arc, had blond hair and sea-green eyes. Other than that, though, they looked the same. Hestia visited Annabeth's home, an apartment in New Rome, to fulfill her promise to Percy.

She blessed the twins and insured their childhood safety, at least until Percy returned. Sally was ready to beat the shit out of Zeus herself and had actually convinced Hestia and Poseidon to give her access to Olympus. She punched Hera in the face and tried to slap Zeus. She was held back by Athena.

In the second year after Percy's banishment, the camps both came together for Christmas and New Years, celebrating and wishing for Percy to be well. Will and Nico got together, which was a relief for the campers. They would no longer have to deal with them dancing around each other.

Coral had shown strength in controlling water, while Arc had started directing her. Together with their 'Uncie Stows' (the Stolls), they pulled off a lot of pranks. Their first word was rainbow, and then Mama. They had a bad habit of spontaneous combustion when they didn't get their way, the power courtesy of Hestia's blessing.

Estelle had become fast friends with the twins, even if she was a bit younger. Sally figured out she was clear sighted extremely fast after she screamed about seeing 'big back dogs' (hellhounds) and 'Shrek.' [Even I don't know what monster that was.]

The gods were in uproar. Dionysus and Apollo really should have returned by then, and yet, they were nowhere to be seen. Contrary to popular belief, gods can have normal dreams. It's just rare. Poseidon had one such dream, one that he simply thought was a normal dream.

In it, a figure that blurred in and out of focus (as if it were multiple people) asked to marry his son. He said yes, thinking the dream was referring to Triton. He was confused when Triton was not married that year.

In the third year after Percy's banishment, Dionysus and Apollo returned. Apollo wasn't a playboy anymore, and Dionysus seemed happier. He even called people by their actual names and contributed to council meetings. Both him and Apollo refused to elaborate upon their new heart rings they wore. Zeus refused to let them know the exact reason why Percy was in Tartarus.

Apollo and Artemis repaired their kinship, and Apollo was actually allowed to join the Hunt in their hunts.

Coral had managed to combine her somewhat limited fire powers with her water powers to create steam, which she combined with chemicals to help Calypso and the Demeter kids. Arc, with his significantly stronger fire powers, could train with his Uncle Leo and Uncle Tyson in the forges.

They stayed inseparable, though. Arc would try and make weapons for both him and his sister, while his sister would try and use ingredients from the gardens to make potions.

Annabeth had her hands full, keeping the kids safe. Estelle got into baking and would always help Sally bake or bring a pie when seeing the twins. Paul was trying to help her and the twins get a head start on learning, which Annabeth appreciated.

Jason and Piper got married that year at the same time Reyna joined the Hunt.

The wedding was brilliant, as Zeus and Aphrodite worked together. Hera read out the vows, and it seemed like she was actually happy. When she was reading off the vows, the darkness seemed to slightly recede, while the light brightened. 

No one knew why, but everyone could tell it made the moment even better.

In the fourth year after Percy's disappearance, Hazel and Frank got married.

That wedding was amazing as well. Pluto and Mars working together is not something you see often, but hoo boy, did they help put together something good. Hera read the vows again, but this time, the shadows seemed to sparkle more, and the fires turned a beautiful shade of purple.

Again, no one knew why, but it made the moment better.

Piper and Jason's kid was born, along with Leo and Calypso's. Piper and Jason named their son Clark. He had kaleidoscope eyes and blond hair. His first word was fly, which made his parents laugh. Hey, at least it wasn't brick.

Leo and Calypso's daughter was named Zoe, and Artemis herself had visited. While slightly pissed at Leo for not waiting till marriage, she managed to push through it and bless the child.

She had Leo's eyes and smooth, platinum blond hair. Her first word was soup. Both Calypso and Leo were floored. Dionysus was freed from his sentence at camp but still hung around to spend time with his son. Now, though, Ariadne was with him.

But all the campers could tell that something was missing. Maybe a third person?

Coral and Arc got up to more shenanigans, but this was the year when they realized something was wrong. They didn't have a dad, and that bothered them. They asked Annabeth about it, and she had gotten a faraway look in her eyes before saying, "That's a story for another day."

In the fifth year, Leo and Calypso got married. Hephaestus really loved his son. The wedding had a lot of automatons. When Hera read the vows, the wind seemed to still, and then pick up, creating a crown of leaves on Calypso.

Leo looked at his wife, not realizing how his nose was burning a pretty blur of colors.

Nico and Will also got married, and for their vows, the sunlight twinkled, and the dark got darker.

Clarisse and Chris had a kid. They named her Silena, and she became fast friends with Chuck, as well as Clark.

Annabeth had finally told her family about her kids. Bobby and Mathew stumbled over themselves, trying to play with the twins, Helen doted on them, and her father watched movies with them all.

Annabeth finally worked up the courage to tell Athena off. Needless to say, Athena spent several weeks in her library, thinking and rethinking her actions.

And then, in the sixth year, a new prophecy was issued.

The Earth rises anew
Upon the fallen's pew
The foolish and bad king
Shall give the banished a ring
Favored of the fates
Shall decide whether he hates
The traitorous gods
Less than the clods
The family of the Earth
Her demise, they shall give birth

Everything was in an uproar after that.

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