Male Reader x Tenten

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Morning dawned on the leaf village as Tenten got out of bed for the day. She groggily got through her morning routine as she thought on the day ahead of her. Another boring day of watching the weapon shop. She didn't necessarily mind the store, but some of the people who came in and out made the job really hard.

Tenten: Let's get this over with.

After double checking in the mirror she looked good, she went downstairs to the shop and made sure everything looked ready for the day. A little dusting and reorganizing and she was all set.

Tenten: Right on time as well, you got this Tenten

Psyching herself up, she turns the sign on the door to say open and sits behind the desk. It would be a while before anyone came in so she'd have to occupy herself. Today she would start reading a book recommended to her by a friend. Called Icha Icha Paradise, she'd never heard of it.


As soon as she opened up the book to the first page, someone had entered the store. Tenten had grown up in this village, so she knew most of the people here. The boy who walked in though was a mystery to her.

(Y/N): Hello! 

The boy waved at her as she politely waved back

Tenten: Welcome! What can I help you with today?

(Y/N): A few things, i'm in need of some Kunai, Explosives tags and maybe some shurikens?

Tenten: Of course-

She stumbled on her words as she got a good look at the boy in front of her. He looked around her age and was just her type. Was this a blessing?

(Y/N): You ok?

The boy waved his hand in front of her as she looked off into nothingness. Tenten quickly snapped back too reality and resumed where she left off.

Tenten: Y-yes of course.

The girl quickly scrambled to the back as she began to look for what the boy had asked for, she wanted to do a great job for him so she had gathered it all in minutes.

Tenten: Here we are!

She dropped all of it on the table as the boy looked at her, a surprised look on his face.

(Y/N): You're fast, I should come here more often.

Tenten: I definitely wouldn't mind that.

(Y/N): Is that so?

She realized she said that out loud, her face broke out into a bright blush as the boy just laughed

(Y/N): What's my total?

The boy began messing with coins as the girl just admired him

Tenten: Actually! I-it's on the house.

(Y/N): Really?

He looked up at her, another surprised look on his face.

Tenten: Mhm.

She nodded aggressively at him.

(Y/N): I see, could I bother you for one more thing then?

Tenten: What would that be?

(Y/N): A date.

The girl broke out into another blush, did this boy really just ask her out?

Tenten: Actually?

(Y/N): Of course, you're very pretty and very nice.

Tenten: O-okay, then I accept.

(Y/N): It's a date then. 

⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆

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