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Down Comes the Claw- Raphael Bg3 by Spakara
Down Comes the Claw- Raphael Bg3by Spakara
What happens a devil catches his mouse?
Who We Are   -   Durge x Astarion by lilnosilla
Who We Are - Durge x Astarionby mybe bby
THIS IS AN AU. Hardly anything will be different, the only thing I am changing is the Dark Urge storyline and pacing. Most everything else will remain canon. Also will c...
Cuddly Astarion by heademptyjust
Cuddly Astarionby heademptyjust
One shot where Astarion walks in on you hugging a pillow, pretending it's him. - #1 baldursgate3: 7/11/23 #1 astarionxreader: 27/11/23
Baldur's Gate 3 Oneshots & Short Stories by FilmCamerasAndDice
Baldur's Gate 3 Oneshots & Short FilmCamerasAndDice
A mish-mash of oneshots and short stories exploring the characters, settings, and moods of Baldur's Gate 3. (All content from the game does not belong to me)
Blood Ties by Minnamouse33
Blood Tiesby Minnamouse33
Astarion had become a new addition to your camp, He was willing to adventure with you only for the promise you made to him in the forest. Blood was his price and little...
THE DANSE MACABRE ¹ || astarion by girldirt
THE DANSE MACABRE ¹ || astarionby ≪ °❈° ≫
come with me, wretch, who are weighed down. / © girldirt astarion x fem!oc canon divergent based on the 'pale elf' questline started september 12th 2023
Run, Canary, Run by FilmCamerasAndDice
Run, Canary, Runby FilmCamerasAndDice
Finch would rather run. Not a course of action they're particularly proud of, but it works. Instead, they've found themself indebted to a mercenary group. Again. The unu...
The Night We Met | Astarion Short Stories by RayRay131414
The Night We Met | Astarion Freya Rose
Astarion Short Stories " Can we talk about... us?" "Us... I still love the sound of that"
Shimmer: A Baldur's Gate 3 Story. by toxxicxgrey
Shimmer: A Baldur's Gate 3 Grey
They say a cat's eyes pierce through the veils of life-seeing everything that life has to offer. For you, dear reader, this may be the case. When a cat prances into your...
Male Reader x Random Females One Shots! by Zoroun
Male Reader x Random Females One Zoroun
NO LEMONS! on Pinterest for the cover photo.
Preferences and recommendations by thefanfictioncorner
Preferences and recommendationsby Fanfic Corner
Due to DM's being no longer available please treat this book as a way of communicating with me. I'd be delighted if you'd not comment on my dashboard and instead do it h...
Blood and Shadows by Astr3a03
Blood and Shadowsby Astr3a.x0
Sirena has no memory of her past as she awakens on the nautiloid. She doesn't just feel the tadpole behind her eye, working its way into her brain. She also feels someth...
Globster's Small Book of Fandom OCs by guhglobster
Globster's Small Book of Fandom OCsby glibness g. globster
Here I put all my fandom OCs, for fandoms big and small, to keep my mind a bit organized. Maybe you'll find inspiration for your own characters in here!
Afterward: Of Sword & Shield (Emperor x Tav) by Faize001
Afterward: Of Sword & Shield ( Faize
Summary: After the fall of the Netherbrain, life continues onward. Only the gang and you have gone your separate ways this time. With everyone off on their own adventure...
Astarion X Reader 🍋🩸  by letmeshowyou-power
Astarion X Reader 🍋🩸 by Creating fantasies
LEMON/SMUT 🍋| Trying to survive, help others and live your own life all at the same time.. one of your recruits tries to seduce you.. or kill you.. do you let it happen...
Oakfather Perserve Me by Minnamouse33
Oakfather Perserve Meby Minnamouse33
Being The Archdruid of the Grove meant endless things to worry about, it was managing many people's temper and finding solutions for unique problems. While it wasn't som...
My protagonists from games made in AI Image Generator (+ their original look) by XJaneShepardX
My protagonists from games made Jane Diana Shepard
Decided to try... and I really enjoyed creating them. Not always looks as I want, but more or less acceptable. Here is a list of my characters from different games. I k...
If I said you could never touch me by heademptyjust
If I said you could never touch meby heademptyjust
"I don't want you to ever touch me again." You resisted the urge to physically comfort him, your brain fighting for control of your body. "I don't think I...
Love Letters for a Pale Elf by SparkleDoll2015
Love Letters for a Pale Elfby Zoe
Baldur's Gate 3 fanfiction/Non-Druge/SPOILERS AHEAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Majin Buu was among the handful of people captured and infected with an illithid parasite...
Bloody Mary by heademptyjust
Bloody Maryby heademptyjust
You and Astarion fool around on Halloween.