odd one out

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synopsis: jungkook, y/n, and taehyung. taehyung, y/n and jungkook or y/n, taehyung and jungkook. for as long as you could remember, that's how it was... that's how it was always going to be... or maybe not

genre: poly!au ; fluff

pairing: taehyung x jungkook x reader

word count: 6.6k

warnings: none i can think off

a/n: welcome to the first one shot of the collection :) i think this is the longest one shot i've ever  writen lol 

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april 12th, 2008: you met them.

you were ten years old when you first met jungkook and taehyung. and that's the first time you realised you were the odd one out.

your mother was visiting her friend's house for a baking session with her and another woman and decided to take you with her.

"they both have kids. ms jeon is bringing her son too, so you won't be alone," your mother told you. "i hear the boys are total sweethearts, so you should get along just fine."

[they were boys, and you were the only girl.]

thanks to your mother's frequent visits to taehyung's mom's house, you naturally became close to the two boys.

despite the phrase being: "two peas in a pod," your parents and people around you called you three peas in a pod. the three of you were the same person in different fonts, and the three of you were almost always together and did almost everything together.

but the more you grew up, the more and more you realised you were the odd one out.

your likes and dislikes started to differ from theirs, and you found yourself disliking things both of them happened to love.

august 28th, 2010-13: your school years.

you could say hitting puberty was an eye-opener for you. that's when you really realised how different you were from your best friends.

taehyung hit puberty when you didn't understand it. and when you hit puberty, your chest and hips grew while jungkook grew taller and his voice deepened. you two were the same height, but before you knew it, you had to look up to talk to him when speaking to him... just like taehyung.

jungkook and taehyung enjoyed playing sports outside, while you preferred to sit in the library and read. they joined the music club together while you joined the baking club. but when you weren't busy with after school activities, the three of you were together, doing something all three of you enjoyed.

you remember the planning you did towards the end of high school. you all planned to get accepted into the same university, seoul national university. taehyung was going to graduate first, then jungkook and then you.

january 10th, 2014: the day taehyung left for seoul national university.

that day, you and jungkook were in tears as you watched your best first his last box into the car. taehyung was leaving daejon to study chemical engineering in seoul at snu.

"i'll come and visit you guys whenever i get the chance," taehyung promised, locking his pinkies with you and jungkook. "make sure to study just as hard as i did so you can get into snu, okay?"

"don't worry, tae," jungkook chuckled. "you know we'll do our best! right, y/n?"

"right," you said with a determined look, causing your friends to laugh. "we'll see you on the snu campus in no time."

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