Just Like You

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(((Kat's POV)))

I woke up the next morning and started getting ready for the day. I got out my clothes for the day which is a black t-shirt, tie dye Jean shorts, and fishnet tights. I went into my bathroom brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, put my hair up in a ponytail, and started in my makeup which was lipgloss, mascara, and eyeliner. I put on some jewelry which was some bracelets, 5 Seconds Of Summer earrings, and a howling wolf long necklace.

I went downstairs and didn't see any of my bandmates so they must all be sleeping still. I poured myself some cereal and went into the living and started watching television. After I was done eating I decided that I was going to take a walk to the park. I pulled on my 5 Seconds Of Summer converse, made sure I had my phone and headphones, then walked out the door.

Once I started walking I started to think about my future. Will I have a husband? Will I have kids? Will my band be successful? I don't know that stuff. I just have to let fate choose.

I pulled my phone and headphones out of my back pocket and put them in my ears. I looked through my music and found Escape The Fate and put Chemical Love on.

My mind wondered off in its own little world and I didn't even realize that I was at the park already. I walked up to swing set and sat down not realizing someone was sitting down on the other swing watching me. I looked at them about to make a smart comment when I realized that it was just Jacky.

I took my headphones out and stopped my music.

"Hey, Jacky. I didn't see you there," I smiled at him. He smiled back and started swinging lightly.

"Hey, Kat. How are you? Are you excited for the tour?" Jacky asked.

"I'm good. Yeah I'm really fucking excited," I grinned imaging what it will be like touring with Falling In Reverse and Ghost Town.

"Good. I'm glad to hear," Jacky replied. Jacky and I sat in silence staring ahead. Finally Jacky broke the silence.

"You're really good at playing guitar," Jacky smiled. I smiled back and replied,

"You too, Jacky. But you're not good you're amazing!"

"Thank you," Jacky said in his adorable British accent. For the past hour Jacky and I have been talking about guitars. We've been talking about types of guitars and types that we prefer.

"KAT!" I heard my name being called. I looked ahead of me and saw Kayla and her boyfriend, Cody Carson, walking up to us. "You might want to get home before Marieta and Iris freak the fuck out, sista," she said looking at Jacky and smiling at him then looking back to me.

"Oh ok. Is it okay if Jacky comes over?" I asked

"I don't give a fuck. I won't be there," she said. "Bye now," she said walking away with Cody.

"Would you like to come over?" I asked Jacky nervously.

"Sure," he smiled getting up off the swing with me. We walked back to my place and talked along the way. We basically just talked about who our favorite guitarist were and what we liked about them.

Soon enough we finally made it back to my house and we talked more. We just talked and talked and talked and talked. Jacky's phone buzzed and he frowned.

"Kat, I got to go. It was nice hanging out with you...could I possibly get your number?" Jacky asked.

"It was nice hanging out with you too. Sure I'll give you my number," I said. I gave him my number and we said a quick goodbye and he left.

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