Chapter 2- The Necesities of War

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"Mercinaries." Guts stated poking his head out of the tarped tent. Till followed behind him and nodded. "Yes. We are the Band of the Hawk." 
Guts looked down over his shoulder at the tiny girl. She had to be 5'3" at the most. Her frame was slinder and muscularly lean. Her short chocolate hair had a few wisps of blonde in it from her time in the sun. She was not the image of what one would expect of a mercinary... "I didn't expect... so young." He said, leading the way outside. 
There were about 500 members of the band  casting lots, bathing, cutting up, shaving, and playing cards. Tilly Saw Judeau sitting propped up in a chair next to the tent, sharpening some throwing knives. He must have decided to stay nearby, knowing that Guys would wake up soon. Tilly heard a familiar protest, though she couldn't make out what was being said. Casca was shaking. She was so angry as she was talking to Griffith, who just put a comforting hand on her shoulder as she turned away. Her dark eyes met with Tillly's and then Guts. Seeing he was awake and that she would never take her anger out on Griffith, she stormed over, and without a single word, she punched Guts hard on his stitched up shoulder wound.

"Ahh!" He grunted as he collapsed onto her fist.
"Casca! What the hel--"
"I wish you had died when Griffith was trough with you!" Casca yelled as she turned away with tears forming. She took everything so much worse than Tilly had.

"Guts! Are you okay!?" Tilly yelled as she checked to make sure that her stitch work hadn't come undone.

He stood up, clutching his wound as some of the nearby men started to chuckle that the boy would take such a strong hit from Casca.

Judeau broke the awkward display with his kind and patient voice. "It's only natural. Our Casca gave up being a woman so she could be a mercinary long ago. She's not the nurturing type that Tilly is as you can see, and yet they can wield a sword or a bow, respectively, better than any of the men here."

Tilly blushed a little from embarrassment. "I just do my job. That's all."

"Yeah, by Griffith's orders, Casca and Tilly here had to lay with you for two days and two nights. You know, since you had gone cold from losing too much blood."

Tilly crossed her arms over her chest, hearing Judeau's words and thinking about her body pressing on to Guts.  

"He said, and tell me if I got this right Tilly, warming a man Is a woman's duty." As Judeau was continuing to talk, another figure walked up to the small group, dragging Guts' larger than life sword.

It was Griffith, but he was on a direct path to Guts. "...I am Griffith, What's your name?" Guts' eyes never broke away from his. "Guts..." He replied cooly.

Tilly knew that at that moment they faced each other. She and everyone else fell into the background.

Griffith held up the large blade that belonged to Guts, which he cleaved Bazuso with. "This is an amazing sword.... I could never wield it." Griffith handed the sword back to Guts, who broke his glare with Griffith to look at Tilly for any kind of an answer to his confusion at what was going on here. But Griffith stepped in again, preventing Tilly from joining in or being a part of the moment that he was creating. "Would you accompany me?" He asked, leading Guts away toward the perimeter hillside of the camp.
Tilly looked at Judeau. "Do you think I need to get my stitch kit and wound cleaning supplies?"
Judeau nodded. "It wouldn't hurt to be ready. You know how Griffith is."

Tilly sighed. She could see this quickly becoming another 2 days of baby sitting. Fortunately, she had left her kit in Dante's tent right behind her.

"Come on! You can't seriously be on stand by trying to save a creep like that! If Griffith gets him, let him go." Corkus scowled, crossing his arms.

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