I've been getting pressured by some old friends of mine that I haven't talk to in a while and thier making up stories like: "Oh, [Skelly]? Yeah, she's mad at me because someone told her- blah blah blah." Now everyone is asking me why I hate them.


End of the year. That mean math suddenly becomes harder and you can't understand anything and oh... Guess what? Your grade is going down because of it!


I'm teying to make my new story all planned out, but school is kicking my ass so I haven't been able to write. I don't even have two chapters ready and I publish in four days.


I've just been really down, y'know? Feeling like everything is just going wrong. Nothing wants to be in your favor. Some chick puched me in the stomache during PE and said I punched her, so I had to sit out for the rest of class and cleàn up afterwards. Then I got sick and no one would answer my knoçking on their doors. And then we went to the park and I got covered in ant bites and stings WITH a hurt nose from a kid punching me in the nose while I tried to be nice and help them down from the jungle gym.

So yeah. Life's a bit of a mess right now. Sorry if i don't do anything, if anything I'll be writing for the new book coming out on the 4th. Luckily, with this post, a short story will be up too.
Anyways, yeah. I'll be back. I guess. Maybe...

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