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I tossed my pickaxe from hand-to-hand, only glancing around at the cave walls. Their colors flickered in front of me, Green and dark blue. They talked amoung themselves about something I clearly didn't care about.

CyaNide nodded to Carlo's talking, who was balancing his pickaxe on his shoulder.

'Such grace. He looks like a full-out, gold rush miner.' I laughed to myself. CyaNide must've seen me out of the corner of his eye looking out to nothing.

"Bro, you alright?" His accent filled voice knocked me out of my mind.

"H-huh? Oh. Yeah, just thinking," I answered with a smile. He flashed a friendly smirk and continued his conversation.

Not 'just thinking' of course, I listened, to them. The others chattering away. Some talking about their past, others about what they had had planned in the furture. They quieted their talking once they noticed me. I decided to focus on walking again.

"Hey, look! That mine shaft everyone was talking about." Carlo sped up his steps and pushed a side a couple of blocks. We peered inside together like children listening to their parents talk in private. It looked like any other mine shaft. Y'know, besides the giant flippin' orange portal in the middle of the path.

"Woah, " CyaNide kicked aside another block and managed to get inside the shaft.

"Be careful! You don't know where that leads too, or what happens to you when you go through it!" I grabbed hold of his jacket sleeve, sliding into the shaft myself. He laughed.

"C'mon, Chris. It can't do anything if I don't step into it." He pulled his sleeve from my grasp and walked closer to it. It seemed to look more fierce as he got closer.

"What kind of portal is it? Nether and End portals aren't orange." Carlo had also walked up to it. I flinched away from the sparking, thing.

"I have this weird feeling."

"I bet it's all those ghosts in your head. They want you to believe sonethin'." CyaNide joked to me. They all piped up at his remark.

'Make him take that back!'

'We're not ghosts!'

I held onto my head as they screamed at him. Carlo looked over ot me in surpise as I dropped my pickaxe.

"Shut up!" I yelled out to them. Squeezing my eyes shut I shook my head and repeated my demand. They quieted down and apologized in numbers.

When I opened my eyes, CyaNide and Carlo were holding onto me, looking like they just saw me kill a player or something. I blinked.

"Chris..?" Carlo whispered.

"What?" Asked back. His worried face turned to a smile along with CyaNide.

"Dang. They don't like that name, do they?" CyaNide asked me, tapping my forehead. I shook my head and grabbed my pickaxe.


We froze as something emerged from the sparkling orange.

"Oh my god..." Carlo whimpered, shakily stepping back from the creature.

I stood in my place. Fear taking over my nerves.

'Move! Get out of the way! Go back with your friends!' Everyone in my head yelled.

I just stood there, glued in place.The creature suddenly whipped around and faced us. I held my breathe. It's glowing eyes seemed to look right through me.

It's tall limper body darted at us. I stood still, thinking like something protected me. Wind brushed my hair.

"Gah! C-Chris!" Someone yelled/gargled out. I snapped back and turned around to see it holding CyaNide by his shirt collar, squeezing it around his neck. Carlo flung his pickaxe at the thing.

Then I realised.

"CyaNide! Carlo! Stop moving! It won't-" His scream blurred out my yelling. I watched it grab his arm and fly his entire body through the portal. His scream disappeared suddenly along with him.

The giant creature, still tightly holding onto CyaNide's shirt, who was now barely fighting back, took long steps into the portal. Completely leaving me alone, with nothing but the voices who screamed at me in anger.

Then, everything went silent.

'Hello..?' I asked my now empty mind.

Yeh. Sneak peak. So, uhm... I'm not some pro writer, so it took me twice as long to edit all my mistakes... yay. You better be happy. One chapter takes me like an hour to make, not counting choosing and putting in a song I know that fits with that chapter.
Anyways, yeah! That's the sneak peek at my new story, 'Bad Timing'! It shall be put up once I'm able to crop the cover and make it save on this phone. So far, no luck. Welp, hope y'all are excited.


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