WOAH(And BIIIIG announcement)

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I just glanced at the reads.
281? Really?
This is just my rambling. Dang. Alright.
I have a few announcements for anyone who reads on my other account, PotatoWritesStuffz, there MIGHT be a new story coming out... if I can remember the password. If I don't, you'll see it here! On this account! So, when I say it's a MCYT Fanfic, you think: "OMG SKY. DEADLOX. BENJA."
Stop right there.
Not one of them big people.
I've (not so)recently found these three people. CyaNideEPiC, Chrisandthemike, and CarFlo. They play with MunchingBrotato quite often I'd say. If I do make this story, this isn't MunchingMike, or CarNide, or ChrisFlo or CyaMike(Make like 3 ships on the spot XD). Nope. Just these three(or four) people going on an adventure.
Now, if you're like "NO SHIPPING?! WHY NOT?!?!" Then please shut up and hear me out. There aren't many stories like that. So, no. Shipping will NOT may I repeat NOT going to be in this story.
Everyone who is just like "'Aight, fine by me. Don't really care. Never heard of them." Then why have you read all the way down here? If you haven't, look 'em up on that YouTubz and watch something from them. Now, to everyone (and this is probably a very few) who know them and are saying "THANK YOU. NO SHIPPING. And I like/have watched them" I'm very excited to see if poeple will start posting non-shipping fanfics more.
AND WITH THAT ALL DONE AND SAID. I'm Skelly. And YOU can join the Twinkies Box today! BAIIIII

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