Laughter (Kinda messed up short story)

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His hands hung lifelessly from the wrists, chains stopping any movement with them. His feet dangled from a metal board hung on a wall. His hair messily covered his face.


As if on que, a door creaked open to reveal artificial light on his grinning face. A figure shown through the light, having a depressed standing pose. The hanging man looked up at the figure with a grin. The figure narrowed her eyes at him.

"What happened to you, Carlo? Why are you like... This... All of a sudden?" Her bright orange hair gently fluttered behind her as she walked through the plain room.

"Oh, Mariel. You don't know me that well,do you?" He laughed at her remark. She looked at him in disgust before reaching for something. His blue eyes slowly followed her movements around the room, quickly adjusting to the sudden light.

"Apparently," Mariel mumbled just loud enough for Carlo to smile again.

"Mariel, Mariel, Mariel," He shook his head at her with a smirk.

"Who said I was Carlo?" He watched with pleasure as Mariel grabbed holt of a, slightly bigger than normal, fork attached to a battery. She glared at him, switching something on. He let his head fall once again to the floor.

"And who said I didn't feel bad about this? Do you think watching your friend be put into, whatever this is, is easy? Imagine being Chris, o-or CyaNide! Even Tyler!" She stepped toward him. He laughed at her pleading.

Then silence.

"Mariel..." His voice souded like a child's, frightened at confused. The orange haired woman dropped the electric fork and stared at the blonde boy hanging from cuffs.

"Carlo..?!" He slowly raised his head at her, his eyes like a pool of fear.

"Oh, Carlo! Don't worry, I'll get you out right-"

"No! Stop!" He screamed at her. Tears formed at the corner of his eyes, his shoulders raising up.

"But..." Mariel whispered out, watching her friend stare at the floor.

"You can't... I'll just end up here again..." He quietly hiccupped.

Pkk, pkk, pkk.

Tears hit the stone flooring. Carlo shook as his weeps became louder.

"Just leave!" He yelled at Mariel, shooting up his head with tears streaming down his cheeks. She looked at him in fear, tears also coming down her face now.

"I can't just leave you. I know you wouldn't hurt any one on your own will..." She pleaded to him reaching for a key ring in her pocket.

"That's just it! I don't have my own will!" His shaking became more violent with his crying getting worse.

"So, just leave..."

"No! I'm not leaving! I'm getting you out!" She pulled out her keys and hurried over to Carlo.

"I said leave!" He screamed once again, but swung his foot at her this time. She stumbled back, holding onto her side, the side that he had just kicked.

"Fine..." She regained her balence and turned to the door. Walking to it, she looked behind her. Seeing nothing but a broken boy hung to a wall, she walked through the doorway, unplugged the battery, and slammed it shut. Cutting off any of the light he had once had.

"I'm sorry... Mariel..." He looked down at his feet.

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