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Stan woke up, slightly opening his eyes sensitive to the light feeling a massive headache but ignored it. He stretched his hands out and noticed he couldn’t move one of his arms. Stan looked down seeing Kyle lying on his chest clinging on to him. He immediately blushed thinking of all of the outcomes of what could’ve happened last night, I was drunk. Did I do something to Kyle? Does he know I like him? Oh shit Stan thought, panicking that he did something to Kyle yet he didn’t move; he didn’t want to disturb him. Stan tried to calm his thoughts and try to go back to sleep still feeling the warmth of Kyle laying on him

What felt like hours later he felt Kyle stir awake mumbling something. Kyle rubbed his eyes and looked up at Stan and the two made eye contact and a red blush crossed both of the boys faces.

Kyle immediately got up covering his face “im sorry last night you were drunk and you wanted me to sleep with you and you were too cute to say no to so I just stayed and slept with you” he said mumbling and very lightly so it was hard to understand but it still melted Stan's heart.

“Aww” Stan sat up and pulled the boy into a hug killing him even more “its ok dude, did you atleast like it” he asked

Kyle looked away hugging back “no i didnt” he bit his lip

Stan could tell he was lying and smiled breaking the hug “sorry if i did do anything dumb last night”

“Its ok man,” kyle still had a red streak across his face “why did you though”

“Oh- Wendy asked to hang out as friends and I stupidly agreed and she pressured me into kissing her. then she asked for me back” Stan rolled his eyes

“That bitch, Did you say yes?” kyle said in a jealous tone

“No i did what you told me too and said no and walked away” stan smiled but then it faded “Then she started guilt tripping me over texts and i couldn't handle it so i just got drunk” he shrugged

“Well I'm proud of you for rejecting her, she's no good,” Kyle spoke lightly “but next time something like that happens, try not to get drunk, it's not good for you. And i hate seeing you like that”

“I'll try i promise” Stan felt bad he was putting his problems onto kyle

“Thank you” Kyle got up from Stans bed “i think i'm gonna get going, there's school tomorrow i'll see you there ok” he smiled

“Yeah see you dude” Stan said “i love you” he added but under his breath

“Bye dude” Kyle shut his door.

Stan scooted to his window watching Kyle leave. feeling that breaking feeling in his chest. What is wrong with me? What is this warm feeling I only have with Kyle? He thought plopping his back onto his bed staring at the ceiling, falling back into his deep thoughts yet again.

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