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Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny were sitting in front of cartman’s house. Kyle and cartman fighting like usual.

“You know what fatass, im done with you” kyle got up “i'm leaving”

“Where are you going kyleee, your boyfriend stan's house”

Kyle's blushed thinking of stan “no fuck off fatso” he walked off he did think of going to stan’s house. So half of what Cartman said was right, but he kind of wished he was Stan's boyfriend. He wouldn't tell anyone though. Kyle snapped out of his thoughts to see stan running towards kyle

“Kyleee” he dragged out kyles name giving kyle a hug “i was just going to find y-you”

“Stan? you alright dude?” kyle said letting go of the hug liking the embrace of the other

“Oh i'm perfectly fine–” stan dragged all of is words out “don't worry about me honey”

Kyle blushed at the nickname “have you been drinking?”

Stan smiled and laughed “maybeee?”

Kyle rolled his eyes and grabbed stans hand dragging him towards his house “come on let's get you home”

“Oki” stan followed kyle “you know you're pretty kyle?”

“Uh- thank you, you are too” he said flushed

The two arrived at stan's house and kyle opened the door bring them to stan’s room and laying him down

“Ok you need to get some rest” kyle started to walk out “i'm gonna get you water stay right there” he walked down and grabbed a water from stans kitchen and bringing it back to stan

“Kyle!” stan exclaimed putting his arms out for grabby hands

Kyle couldn't help but smile handing him the water “drink all of it it will make you better”

“But i don't wanna i feel better right now” stan said doing puppy eyes at kyle

Kyle rolled his eyes “no drink the water and get rest ok?”

“Fineeee” stan said opening the water and drinking it “bitch”

“Ok i'll leave you alone so you can sleep we can hang out tomorrow if you'd like, when you're sober” kyle said getting ready to leave

“B-but” he gave a sad look “i want you you stay, pleaseee”

Kyle sighed why do i have to be a simp he thought “fine but i can't stay here while you sleep” he walked back over to stans bed

“Kyle– i love you-” stan said sadly

“i – love you too stan” kyle responded

“Can you sleep with me–” he looked at kyle doing his puppy dog eyes again “i don't wanna be alone”

“I uh- sure” kyle blushed

“Yay” stan sat up and grabbed kyle brung him next to him and cuddled up on him like he would a stuffed animal

Kyle didn't stop him. He kind of liked it, Stan was being soft. Then he realized it's just the drunkness. Kyle looked over at Stan who was already asleep, warped around him. He smiled and decides to wrap his hands around Stan too, cuddling back knowing this probably wouldn’t happen again.

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