A "wow" was all that letf my mouth at that moment, I was so amused and wonderstruck with this landscape. I had never seen something so naturally beautiful in my life, I would definitely come back at broad daylight and paint it on a canvas.

I caught Luke sitting on the fallen leaves spread all over the soil and copied him, bringing my knees to my chest and embracing them on my arms. Staring back at him, I remarked his profile. My eyes followed the bound of his jawline, traced the row of his chin and examined his lips which, at that light, were not pink as usual but a soft blueish colour instead. His nose had the perfect mold to his face in general and his eyes... His eyes were my favourite part of him. Not because they were blue, but they would change colour depending on his mood. When Luke was angry or annoyed at something, they'd bring over a dark shade of blue similar to the sky at night; on the other hand, whenever he acted sweet or concerned, his irises plumped and changed to a bright, peaceful tint of the same colour. I found that unusual, marvelous, artistic.

"Stop staring at me." He ordered and my heart fell down to my stomach as I felt frosty and embarrassed.

Immediately I diverted my stare, rolling my eyes."I'm not looking at you, don't flatter yourself."

"Yeah, whatever." He said, tittering. "Want one?"

I looked back at him and down at his hand stretched toward me, his fingers and a cigarette woven together.

I frowned, a twinge of disappointment coursing through me. "I don't smoke."

"Expected." Was all he said.

The scoffer tone on his voice stabbed my back like a sharp knife. If his response hadn't offended me I would let it go, yet it did fash me and I wouldn't tolerate any more of his rude comments. Why did he keep being like this? How long would I have to put up with his constant changes of mood?

"What has gotten into you?" I asked, my tone harsh. I didn't know how or why, but something inside me had given me the guts to stand up for me and demand the answers for the questions I had locked up on my head since I'd met him.

Luke kept staring at the water as he lit up his cigarette and put the tip between his lips with an unreable expression. Despite the lack of clear light I watched as his irises turned into the most dark blue that could ever exist, nearly black. His eyes were doing it again, change colour.

"Why did you even bring me here?" My voice felt tired as my anger for him increased. Why wouldn't he look at me when I was speaking to him?

My jaw tightened at the unreadable Luke I was glaring at. All I wanted was for him to stand up, look me in the eye and apologize. That was all I needed to have a reason to stay.

Once again, he didn't move or open his mouth.

"Okay, I'm leaving."

In less than a second I was wheeling my feet and striding away from the stream as fast as I could, leaving him all alone. Deep down I knew that a part of me was undeniably against this action, whispering stay in my brain and making it throb in pain; the other part however had gotten sick of his attitudes and decided it was the best for me to stay away from him, just like Chris had said so many times before, althought I was always too stubborn to listen to him.

As a matter of fact my eyes weren't really paying attention to where my feet were leading me and my state of mind was too confused and aching to take a bit of a thought about that too. I simply kept walking in a straight line, as I didn't remember turn to any other side when I had been with Luke. The shapes and formes of the shadows made my body tremble a little in fear so I wrapped my hands around my chest in order to try to comfort myself. No success.

Through every tree, branch, leave and flower I couldn't find my way back to the road, everything seemed equal to me and the woods seemed to have no end. This drove me to one and only conclusion - I was lost.

Great! I was lost. I was lost, I had no way to go back to the stream, I didn't know where I was or how to get out of there and the worst of all I was on my own.

Roaring in exasperation at the nature I hated so much at this moment, I cursed myself mentally for being so stupid to get to the point of running away from Luke on my own, at night, in the middle of nowhere. Ugh he'd just made me so angry! I couldn't put up not even one more second with him if he kept acting like an asshole and the thing that frustrated me the most was that he wasn't rude at all. How could he be this bad when he'd held my hand so tightly at Danny's party? How could he be this coarse when he had woken me up so kindly? How?

Suddenly I felt something grabbing my forearm, hindering me from stepping any further. Was someone there besides me and Luke? Or maybe it was just a branch stuck on my skin?

"Where do you think you're going?


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