Chapter Four

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Luke's Point Of View

From all the fucked up shit that has ever happened through the past few years, I must say this one seems to be the hardest to come up with a solution.

Staring ahead at my reflection in the bathroom's mirror, I whirled the tap and caught the fresh running water on my hands, brushing it against my face with my fingers. I forced myself to go to that stupid party because I thought that perhaps it would clear my head for a while, helping me to get rid of thoughts.

Yet once again, it only served to fuck me up.

I knew Danny Winters for a long time. Actually, he was the one who first got me many of my current clients at the beginning of my business. He's rich as fuck, his parents literally swim amongst money and gold and, as far as I'm allowed to say, Danny would never have to go to school or work if he felt like it – he's the momma's boy, he has always been.

However what Ms Winters didn't know is that her loving and good behaved 17 year old son would throw parties when she was travelling around the country or working at her office on the opposite side of the city; it would also never cross her mind the fact that Danny would do drugs almost every week inside the room and get himself drunk by pouring his dad's old drinks down his throat until there was any drop left inside the bottle. And now you're all wondering, how the fuck did I get all this information from? Well, I have my own resources too.

And Sky. Fuck, this girl drives me insane. I have no clue on what it is but I barely know her and she already twirls up my insides. Every time I remember her frantically crying underneath that son of a bitch, his filthy fingers sliding down and across her soft skin I sense my blood boil in killing anger. I can already picture myself hanging a gun pointed toward that thing he calls brain, just to give that little fucker a really good lesson.

Luke, stop it. You're not going to do anything stupid.

Exhaling in deep thought, I grabbed a small towel beside the sink and settled it upon my wet skin as something lit on my head like a lamp. Discarding the towel to a random place and pulling my phone out of the back pocket of my skinny jeans, I dialled a familiar number and waited for the other side of the line to pick up.

"It's never good when you call me this late in the middle of the night." I felt my muscles tense uncomfortably as I heard Michael's voice cutting off the waiting ring. "What happened?"

"Hi, hum, I... I messed up." I whispered, an evident uncertainty coming along as I spoke.

"I want names."

Clinching my eyes shut and mentally cursing myself, a sudden assurance coursed through me as I knew that the following words would lead Michael to the edge of his tolerance. "Winters..." I finally said. "And maybe Grant too."

 "What?! Fuck you man!" He severely spat. "From all the people you could have fucked up with, you went straight to those bastards?"

"Look, I take the blame for Grant but I really didn't have choice with the other one!" Throwing my spare hand up in the air as if Michael was right in front of me, I tried to keep my voice as low as possible so Sky wouldn't be able to hear me. 

"Oh yeah?" Michael asked, ironic. "What could he possibly have done to make you lose control?"

I took a deep breath before answering. "He almost raped a girl today at his party."

Nothing but a frustrating and everlasting silence fell down upon the person standing on the other side of the call. At that, I kept my mouth shut as well and assumed Michael was trying to do his best not to show off his clear rising desire of punching me in the face, even though he could not in any way. If there is something that is capable to piss off Michael in the very worst way possible is when the girls topic is somehow dragged into this kind of business.

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