Chapter Three - Part 2

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Songs for this chapter:Tremor by Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, Like Mike | Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You by The 1975

As soon as Ashton, Samantha and I got out of Ms Irwin's car, my ears were attacked by the constant and vibrant beat coming from the great and unbelievably luxurious mansion placed right in front of my eyes. Letting my chin drop open, I took a few minutes to admire the beauty of that gold and palatial house; I'd fell in love with it at the first glance. 

"Wow..." I said, without taking my eyes off from the master staircase. "This is beautiful!" 

"The inside is even better." Ashton chuckled. "Let's go in!" 

My black flat sandals walked against the floor as all of us made our way onto the stairs. With every step I took, I heard the music even louder than before, feeling a mixture of excitement and jitters boiling under my skin, trying to take over my weak spots. The front door was already open, leaving a clear view of the large amount of boys and girls that were running around the house. Samantha grabbed me by my hand and we finally came in. 

It was insane. Lights of every type of colours - green, yellow, pink, blue, red - flew through the shades of darkness as the electronic music had been set in a really blustering volume, causing my ears almost to explode; a greyish smoke created irregular shapes in the air and I could sense the ground underneath my feet trembling with the impact of everyone jumping and dancing all over the place while Samantha, who was in front of me, pulled me by the hand to keep me safe from getting lost in the middle of the crowd. I felt my body being pushed in all sorts of directions and also rubbing into everyone else's one. We finally managed to stop in one of the corners of the great hall, near a tiny and circular table covered in infinite glass cups filled with a liquid blue substance. 

"Where's Ashton?" Samantha asked me, straining her head up in attempt to search for him. 

"I don't know, I thought he was behind me..." I trailed off, looking around. "Maybe he went to get some drinks or something." 

"Yeah." She nodded. "He must have. So, what do you think of all of this? You'd never been to a party before, right?" 

I glanced over her, smirking. "I have, but nothing is compared to this..." I looked around, fixing my eyes on the colourful lights. "This is literally insane." 

Suddenly, I saw Ashton coming out from the suffocating crowd, yet not alone. Next to him there was a tall and skinny guy with brown hair and pale skin with an arm wrapped around Ashton's neck. In the other hand, he was holding a glass cup with a transparent liquid inside of it, which made me wonder if that substance had some alcohol poisoning the drink or not. It probably had. By the way they were smiling and showing off their happiness of being together, I assumed they had been friends for a really long time and they got along really well. However, as soon as he put his eyes on me, the smile on his face faded away as in disappointment and that was enough for me to find out who he was: Danny Winters. 

I would be lying if I said I was comfortable with the way he was staring at me and that I didn't feel any butterflies flying in all directions inside my stomach, because I did. 

Danny slowly removed his arm from Ashton's shoulder, not taking his eyes off of me. My heart froze the moment he stepped into me, without any hesitation, until we had between our bodies not much more than only a few inches left. After a short quiet pause, his lips made their way to my ear. "So, you're the one Ashton told me about." I shook as I felt the warm air that came out of his mouth clashing against my skin. "Skylar, is that right?" 

"Y-yeah..." I stammered. Damn it, why the hell do I have to stammer?! "That's right." 

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Danny moved his head to find his eyes locked in mine once again, the left corner of his mouth bending over in a playful smile. "Wanna go drink something?" 

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