Chapter Six

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"Where are we?"

Luke hadn't opened his mouth since we first had gotten out of the moto. We had been walking for the past few minutes, he on the lead as I followed his path some inches behind. I didn't know where we were or where we were going, which concerne me a little. However, I wasn't alone but with Luke, as long as I kept up with him, I knew I'd be fine.

"Luke?" I called out, almost tripping over a stem. "Where are we going?"

I had never been very good at taking long walks, especially into the woods or any kind of homogeneous area. At night - which was something I had never experienced, wandering throught unknown places after the sunset -, I believed my rawness would become worse than ever. My sense of direction was beyond awful, it was almost absent.

"Luke" My tone was eager. "I'm talking to y-"

"Will you shut just shut up?!"

The bitterness on his voice hit me like a hurricane I was not expecting to drag me in. For the first time since we had started walking, he turned to me and actually paid some attention to my presence, even though he didn't seem very pleased with it.

I stood there, confused and hurt by his attitude, as my lips parted to apologize yet no words slid off to say anything.

He continued striding along the ground I couldn't watch cleary as I trailed after him. Why was he always like this? One minute he was kind, the other he was full of arrogance? If there was anything I hated the most in the world, it was when someone was suddenly acting rude and arrogant for no apparent reason.

"Hey." I stopped right where I was and shouted at him. He halted as well, sighing as he turned to face me asking what it was again. "I'm not moving until you tell me where we're going."

Holding my head up high, I folded my arms across my chest in attempt to have some attitude and make him understand I wasn't any of his toys he could play around with and treat the way he felt like.

Luke snorted heavily, his blue eyes sprakling into the dark of the night. "Why do always ask so many questions?"

"Why do you never answer them?" I snapped back.

"We're almost there, just enjoy the ride and shut up."

My eyes rolled back in exasperation and I groaned, giving my attitude in and instead falling into his unswerving other.

Why can't I behave normally when I am around him? Why do I always have to feel so vulnerable and weak when he looks at me? Why do I always come to a halt everytime I want to prove a point? Why does it always have to be different with him?

I exhaled, not only because of these thoughts which constantly caused me headaches but also because we'd been walking for what felt like eternity above an uneven ground replete of stems, branches, leaves and God knows what else. My legs were starting to hurt, I was not used to walk this much in the middle of nowhere.

As if Luke had just heard my mental prayers, he stopped some inches away from me. "We're here." He informed.

"Finally." I muttered, hoping it had been low enough for Luke not to hear.

I stared at the view over Luke's shoulder, he was however too tall for me to get a good look so I took a step forward and stood still beside him.

My jaw gaped as soon as I realised what was in front of my eyes. A wide, pure stream flew opposite to us, the sounds of water running and wavering softly filled the air. The moonlight mirrored itself on the translucent water, creating an effect of silver floating along the faint ripples.

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