Episode 1

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I am a man that couldn't be more ordinary. Everybody can confirm this (my colleagues, my relatives and even my parents), I lead an ordinary life and nothing thrilling happens to me. I don't wish things were any different and I don't really want the situation to change.

I live in a quiet city and I work as an executive in a company that is similar to many others. I am just about to grab a coffee before going to my job, I stop at my usual café, like I do every morning. I like routine, I like that events don't change and that they come one after another, just like clockwork. Anything out of the ordinary throws me, I like to know what to expect in advance.

So I step inside the café where I always take a burning hot macchiato and a croissant. But right now, I'm thunderstruck on the spot.

A young woman is sitting at the back of the café.

Holy mother of God!

Wait, please don't get mistaken! I am used to seeing women every day. But this one... She really is standing out. How can I describe her truly? She's exceptional, one of a kind you only meet once or twice in a lifetime. I force myself to close my mouth and step aside, so not to block the way of the people coming behind me, losing their patience because I am not moving.

Her black, shiny hair is loose on her shoulders in big curls and frames her superb face. Her brown eyes, underlined with an elegant black line of eyeliner, are gazing vacantly into space. Her skin is tanned and, on reflection, she might come from South America (where exactly, I couldn't tell, I don't have the kind of skills to guess the origin of a person just by staring at their features). She's wearing a t-shirt that is perfectly normal, but it looks as if it had been designed just to enhance her body. She has black, square-heeled, ankle boots, dark blue jeans and a leather jacket is hung on the back of her chair.

When suddenly she raises her gaze to me, feeling (with good reason) that someone is staring at her, I realize that I've just fallen in love with her. She looks at me for a second, a bit surprised to discover that I'm ogling her, but she's not angry as I thought she would be – too late, I turn my head so she doesn't think I'm an idiot.

Ordering my coffee, my heartbeat is resounding violently into my ears and I am beside myself. She saw me. Her eyes are so beautiful. Is she still looking at me? I feel her pupils on my back, making my nape getting warmer. I have to find any excuse to approach her...

What?! Starting up a conversation with someone never happens to me, just like this, in a tea room. I need at least a pretext. I help myself to some sugar, my hand shaking slightly. She will notice I'm interested in her! I am crazy, I need to get the hell out of here, keeping what's left of my dignity!

I turn around. She raises her eyes again, they meet mine. A friendly smile cracks across my face involuntarily.

"Hello" I say, my voice being far steadier than I would have thought.

"Hello" she answers politely, smiling back at me.

She seems to be waiting for me to add something, I see my chance. (Okay, right, but my chance to do what?!) I point to the front window, which looks out onto the street.

"It's a nice day, isn't it?"

I couldn't have started with more banal small talk! Thankfully, it is indeed sunny, otherwise I would have looked like a total idiot. Her smile widens a little –apparently my chitchat doesn't bore her.

"Yes, it is. The weather is superb today, no fear of rain."

I start panicking when I don't find anything to reply with. She waits for some witty repartee from me, something! But on the other hand, pursuing this vain dialogue about the weather would be stupid. Come on, go, say some words, anything! I scold myself. She's waiting! (Urgh, why is hitting on someone so hard?!)

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