5. In Which Elroy Takes The Camera For a Spin

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5. In Which Elroy Takes The Camera For A Spin


Is this thing on?

I saw the red light flashing at the side, so I supposed it was on. Honestly, it felt so stupid doing this, but I had a few reasons why I had to do it. The last time Fay had posted was a month ago, back in Greece. She had posted two vlogs along sides the pregnancy prank she had pulled on me. Since then, she wasn't really active.

She had been talking about finding time to film videos for people who kept requesting them and how bad she was at commitments.

When we got back, things went back to the way they were. Us spending quality time together, and sometimes working together, sometimes working from a distance. It was pretty much the norm. And while Greece had been a vacation-ish break, we knew we needed another vacation where work wouldn't be involved.

I was planning one behind the scenes without her knowledge. Honestly, it would finally give me the courage to bring out that ring and keep my fingers crossed that she would say yes.

For now, I wanted to get her back for the pregnancy prank she pulled and help her create more content for this channel since it seemed to be bothering her.

"Hey guys, I don't know how Fay manages to talk to the camera as if you guys are actually here, listening while she talks, but I think by the end of this video, I'll probably get the hang of it—wait... it's beginning to grow on me.

I spend half of my time talking to myself, so this isn't weird at all.

Anyway, for those who are wondering, I'm Elroy, the pretty woman's boyfriend who owns this completely unnecessary YouTube channel. I'm about to prank her because she seems to have a lot of fun pranking me, so I thought, wouldn't it be fun to step into her shoes for a bit?

So right now, I'm upstairs in our bedroom, and Fay is downstairs making dinner. She scored a really fantastic deal today, and she's making us dinner to celebrate. Three hours ago, some of the ingredients we needed got delivered to us, and Fay has been at it all through that time while I stayed up here to do some work.

So she would probably text me when the food's ready, or she'd come up. I don't know which, but she told me she was making some vegetable stir fry, pork chops, and spaghetti. Those are like some of my favorite foods, and I've been excited to eat them because Fay is a fantastic cook, and I just love eating her food.

Except! Today, I'm going to pretend NOT to love it."

Even as I said it, my heart thudded. It was cruel. She had spent hours in the kitchen, and she was so excited about it. I almost didn't want to do it, but she also could have stopped the pregnancy and the hickey prank, but she didn't.

"It's going to be mean because it's just rude to tell your girlfriend that her food tastes terrible after she spent hours in the kitchen trying to make it taste better than any food you've ever tasted. And Fay is a very emotional person, and this prank would probably not last long because she has put so much effort into this, and I don't want to ruin it completely.

Like, comment and subscribe; I'll see you when I see her."

I cut the video and went back to round off my work. It didn't take long before I heard Fay's footsteps coming up the stairs, and shortly after, she opened the door, poking her head in.

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