Chapter 5: Lifeless

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And I know I'm using excuses but I've been having a hard time with inspiration too...

I had to watch even more episodes to be accurate enough with the dialogue and what not as well ._.

And so far, since book 1 this has been following the original story line, and it will for a little while longer but I can assure you all that shit will go down soon, so please bare with me. <3

To make up for taking so long, I made this chapter extra long. So long that it keeps having trouble saving. XD 

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I had to watch like 15 Naruto episodes man, it took me like a week to write this. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy it. :D

Disclaimer (seriously, when's the last time I wrote one of these? xD):

Sasori: *pouting*

Sonia: wha-?


Sonia: 0.0 okay then.

Sasori: *sighs*

Sonia: Have you ever considered anger management classes?

Sasori: ...I'm a puppet.

Sonia: And identity management cla—

Sasori: Shaddap! >:[

Sonia: But you—

Sasori: *shushes Sonia by covering her mouth with his hand*

Deidara: *walks in* Hey Sasori my man, what are yo—? o_V

Sasori: ...

Deidara: ...

Sonia: mhfrmmmmm!! v.v eternal beauty.

Deidara: Just keep telling yourself that, my man.

Sasori: *growls* she doesn't own Naruto...Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto and—

Deidara: *pokes him with a wooden stick*


Hidan: I never thought I'd see the day where Sasori would cu— *gets pulled into the fight*

Sonia: *miraculously escapes alive*

Hidan: **#$^%&^***#%^$!!!!! >:[


"Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push." ~The Joker

Chapter 5: Lifeless

-Sonia POV-

Deidara started to fly off and was chased by Naruto. 

"Where the hell do you think you're going?!" he shouted.

The man smirked as he threw explosive clay birds at his pursuer. 

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