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Chapter 12

If looks could kill, His Royal Elder would be dead by now. Leonidas glared menacingly at the man who was supposed to be his grandfather. 

"What? I am NOT betrothed!" He seethed, his fists tightly clasped at his sides as he fought to contain his temper.

"Leonidas, calm down, son. I'll handle this," King Grisham soothed.

He could feel the rage vibrating in his son, as he tried to control it. He was feeling rage also, but years of dealing with his father thought him to school his features well enough to conceal it. 

Turning to his father, King Grisham almost lost his iron clad control, "What is the meaning of this? As Leonidas' father, and King, I know nothing of a betrothal. It was always my decision that my children will choose their own spouses. And you knew THIS!" 

 "I know nothing of the sort of this foolery. The choosing of the future queen has always been arranged by the King. Every aspect of her being and breeding must pass the standards set by the previous queens. Her bloodlines must ensure the future heir is --" Erland's point was cut short by King Grisham.

"Breeding? Bloodlines? We talk of marriage for humans, not the purchase of prized race horses. One does not go about choosing a spouse based on those facts!"

"We're also choosing a future queen. As such, we must ensure she can handle the tasks and responsibilities that come with that title. Only a king can make an informed choice as to who can handle the pressure and who cannot, as he's aware of the responsibilities that come with the title of 'King'.  It's always been tradition, and one does not break tradition." His father countered.

"But that still doesn't give you the right to choose Leonidas' spouse. I'm King! Not you!" Grisham almost shouted, every second spent with his father, he was losing more and more patience.

"Ah! But the betrothal was made when was King," he said smugly, "Thus; it was by king's decree, making it binding!" He went over to a desk in the corner, and pulled out a folder, searching through it, found what he was looking for and handed some papers to King Grisham.

Taking it, the King scanned the first page, and moved on the second and then third. 

"Father? What does it say?" Leonidas spoke since the King first quieted him.

Releasing a frustrated sigh, Grisham stared at his father with a look of utter disbelief.

Turning to his son, the King's look changed to one of concern.  

"We need to have the Royal Council review this. It looks binding, but I question its authenticity." The colour drained from Leonidas' face.

"Question all you want, King Grisham, but the document is as real as you and I," Erland chided with a laugh.

Walking up to His Royal Elder, Leonidas let loose all his pent up frustration, and punched the smug look off of his face with a heavy blow to the jaw. 

"You are not God! You cannot play with people's lives like you do a puppet's!! I'm not Leah! I will not break under your command! I will fight you till the end, old man!" Leonidas huffed over him and held his fists in both his hands when he made to retaliate.

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