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*Ella Montgomery*

"Today we will be learning how to understand the psychology of business," He explained, looking around the class, "Business psychology is the study and practice of improving working life, a key part of learning business," He continued.

I sat taking notes on my computer, watching him from the corner of my eye as he walked around explaining business psychology but it was almost hard for me to concentrate.

"It combines an understanding of the science of human behavior," He continued to explain, writing on the large board, "With experience of the world of work to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organizations," His accent strong, gruff.

Releasing a light sigh I wrote down everything he bullet pointed on the board as he explained the understanding of business psychology, it was hard to concentrate. While taking notes I could almost feel his alluring green eyes on me.

Against my better judgement my body betrayed me as I looked up catching his eyes as he walked to the front row, laying down a stack of papers to be passed down to the others in the row, doing the same to the second row.

Stopping beside me he counted out the amount of papers needed for my row before handing them to me, his hand skimmed mine and I kept my eyes low not daring to make eye contact. I could feel my cheeks heat up, my lips parting while goosebumps rose on my skin the moment his hand touched mine.

Finally looking up his eyes skimmed my computer of what was opened, his lips twitching slightly curling into an almost unnoticeable smirk before his green eyes met my blue ones, my legs felt weak and I almost felt as if he was trying to read into my soul with his piercing gaze.

"Pass them down, Ms. Montgomery," He whispered, his tone husky as he dragged out my name falling perfectly from his lips.

Clearing my throat, I merely nodded before he walked past while I grabbed a sheet for myself and passed the others down. The sneaky man had dared to find my name but I was okay with that, I had never heard my last name sound as good as it did falling from his mouth.

The way he purred my last name had me dripping with need and my clit throbbing, I was finding it even harder to concentrate on anything with my aching pussy, clenching my thighs tighter together.


I avoided all eye contact with the man for the rest of the class, trying my hardest to take the notes that I needed. Looking over the paper he had passed around, I made notes on the side typing what stood out into my notes on my laptop.

"Tomorrow we will review business psychology," He mentioned, "I expect everyone to study tonight, I will be asking questions as well as a short quiz," He shifted his eyes around the room watching as everyone nodded, including me.

"Dismissed," He gave a curt nod, his voice gruff.

Quickly I closed my laptop sliding my various things back into my bag in a hurry to escape, not wanting to be caught in another trap of his green eyes. Standing from my seat, I waited for the hoard of people to clear out before I made my way into the line to leave.

"Ms. Montgomery," His thick accent called out to me, stopping me from taking another step.

My head snapped over to him, he was now seated behind his desk leaning back in the chair as he rubbed his perfect jawline, drawing me in with his eyes yet again. He motioned with his hand for me to come forward. My eyes glanced at the exit, sighing before I made my way down to him stopping in front of the desk.

"Yes, Professor Mariano?," I whispered, my shoes looking more interesting at the moment as my nerves built with anxiety.

"Look at me when you speak," He demanded, doing as he said I lifted my head looking him in his eyes, "Brava ragazza (good girl)," He smirked.

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