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welcome to the share house! before you continue reading this book, there are some things i'd like you to know. 

this is a poly fanfiction:

if you don't know what polyamory is, polyamory the practice of engaging in multiple romantic (and typically sexual) relationships, with the consent of all the people involved.

this is an ot7 x (f) reader:

yes this is an ot7 fanfiction. ot7 are in one relationship. making it a poly relationship. but it isn't only ot7 alone. it is ot7 x (f) y/n.

this is a roommates to lovers au



there will be strong language

there will be triggering themes

there is a polyamory relationship

there are lgbtq+ relationships (homophobes fuck off)

now for notices:

there will be no smut --> (if you've read complete then you know that ended up being smut, but that won't be the case for this one.)

there will a lot of fluff cause i love fluff

there will be angst 

the entire book will be written in lowercase. 

i hope you read through. if you didn't then it's your fault and i don't want to see complaints about the things i mentioned above.

please do not plagiarise or copy my book (not that anyone would). i worked really hard on this and it is not fair for you to come and take my hard work.

anyway hope you like it and remember to love yourself!

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