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"Technically me and Jesse could probably take out a bear together if we had our weapons" Kai stated while we were about to serve a warrant to arrest a guy we have been staking evidence against for days. It was colder than usual today in Oahu "Technically it's Jesse and I" Jesse corrected. "Technically now is not the time to be talking about grammar and taking out a bear" I hissed at them. "Sorry, that came out to mean" I apologize as we approach the door. "NCIS anyone home?" Kai shouted when I saw our guy run out the back door. "OUT THE BACK" I shouted when Kai kicked the door in and went through the house while Jesse and I went around both sides of the house him taking the right and me the left.

I almost trip over some bush roots as I dash toward the back of the house. I get to the edge of the house and make sure it's clear to walk out into the open. "Shit" I thought as I rounded the corner and I see the suspect sprinting towards the ocean. I take a deep breath and start pursuing him I quickly look behind me and don't see Kai or Jesse which means I'm the one who has to follow him. "FREEZE, HANDS IN THE AIR NOW" I scream when I finally catch up to him on the shoreline "You have nowhere to go." 

I thought he was going to give up. I was wrong. Instead, he drops the bag he was holding and sprints into the water. I was not going to let him get far and neither was the ocean three big steps into the water and he tripped over a rock. I hold in my laughter while walking into the water up to my knees to put my handcuffs on him. The next thing I know his foot kicks the back of my knee and I'm falling face-first into the salty water. I feel his hands holding me down under the water. I attempted to get my head above the water, but he slammed me back down to the ocean floor.

As the air gets pushed out of my lungs I start panicking even more. Hundreds of thoughts are swirling through my head like will I ever get to see Kate again or where the hell are Kai and Jesse right now?  Our suspect was struggling to hold on to me as I fought back against him. One of my arms slipped loose from his grip and I took the opportunity to try and throw a punch that would hopefully knock him off balance but all the saltwater in my eyes messed up my aim and I completely missed him.

 I attempt to swing at him again but this time I didn't miss. My fist hit him in his jaw, he stumbled back a little only loosening his grip slightly but that only seemed to make him angrier. I tried to slip out of his hands and get out of his reach, but as I struggled his fist hit my left eye. When finally got away from him I held my hand to my eye. I'm freezing, soaking wet, and in pain all because of him It didn't help that I'm terrified of the ocean either. I feel so much anger boiling inside of me, that I realize I can't do this for much longer. I lunge at him and tackle him to the ground. I get up and bait him closer to the shore, ensuring he doesn't have enough water to submerge me fully again.

He runs at me and throws me into the wet sand. Disoriented, I try to get back up and before I realized that the suspect picked up a rock, he had already smashed it into the side of my head. At first, I didn't even realize I was hurt but as my vision started to blur I thought something might be wrong. I raise my hand up to the side of my head where I was hit. I felt a huge laceration on my head, the fact that I can't feel pain when I touched the gash on my head made me recognize that I was in shock. I pull my hand away and see that my hand is covered in blood and sand. It feels like all my blood suddenly rushed from my head, my lungs start to burn with every breath I take. I struggle to keep my eyes open while laying soaking wet in the cold sand. My eyes begin to close as I hear Jesse yelling out for me but I can only whisper "I'm here" as I slip into unconsciousness. 


When we finally reach Lucy she's unconscious and soaking wet she also has moderate head trauma and a bruised eye and I have no idea how everything happened so fast. One moment I'm checking the right side of the house as planned and suddenly Kai is shouting from inside the house about a male victim tied to a chair. I thought our suspect wouldn't have resisted since he was a low-risk criminal. Now I put together the dots why would he not run especially after he knew we would find the hostage in the house? 

I run to Lucy while shouting for Kai to get the paramedics. I kneel next to her and check her pulse she was slightly tachycardic but thats normal after what she just went through. "God Luce what have you gotten yourself into now" I sighed as Kai and the paramedics get to us. After the paramedics make sure there isn't any damage to be done by moving her they lift her onto a gurney. I feel like I should be doing more but what could I do the suspect is already long gone. All I can do now is call Kate when we get to the hospital and hold Lucy's hand until we get there.

"Hey, it's not your fault you know" Kai reassured me when we got back around to the front of the house. "Yeah I know" I said "I just feel like we should have paid more attention". One of the paramedics interrupted "We are going to go to the closest hospital are either of you riding with us?". "I will" I volunteered "Kai can you call Jane to let her know what's happening" I asked while Kai nodded already dialing Jane's number. 

Halfway to the hospital, Lucy starts to regain consciousness she opens her eyes slowly but quickly shuts them. "Ah crap why is it so bright" she complained "Probably because you have a grade 3 concussion, with a black eye and a giant cut on the side of your head" I tell her. She opens her eyes slightly and turns her head in my general direction. "Where were you? Where was Kai?" she choked as I saw tears fill her eyes. "Hey, I'm sorry, Kai found a hostage inside the house and I thought the yard was fenced in and had no exit points" I apologized. "It's okay" she says softly. She smiles and nods back to sleep as we pull up to the hospital.


I just got home after work when Jesse called me about Lucy. My heart dropped. I had so many questions about what happened, but all Jesse said was that she was okay and that I should get to the hospital. I quickly change out of my work clothes, put Lucy's favorite hoodie of mine and some sweatpants in a bag, and grab my keys off the kitchen island.

I get to the hospital around the same time Jane did so we go find the boys together. We automatically see Kai waiting for us near the entrance "Hey she's in room B6" I nod and swiftly walk towards the elevator. As the doors are closing I hear Jane questioning Kai about what happened. I compose myself and take a few deep breaths to quiet the thoughts in my head before stepping off the elevator.

I walk into Lucy's room while Jesse was getting up to leave. He told me a summary of what happened. I couldn't stop staring at her lying in a hospital bed while he explained what they think happened and how they found her. I nod every sentence or two but I wasn't paying too much attention to anything but her. "I'll leave you two alone for a bit, I'm sure Tennant has questions" he declared. "Yeah, she's downstairs around the front desk talking to Kai right now" I responded as I sat down on the chair next to Lucy's bed.


I woke up with a splitting headache and shielded my eyes with my hand from the dimmed lights that still were too bright. I look around me to see Kate sleeping in the uncomfortable hospital chair while holding my hand. I rub my thumb over her knuckles to wake her up, she stirs awake and smiles softly "Hey, you're awake" she says quietly. "Hi" I spoke quietly "What time is it" I asked, Kate looks at her watch "Around 4 AM". "Come here" I request sleepily as I slide over to the other side of the bed so she can fit too.

"Give me a second. Now that you're awake I brought you something" She says excitedly as she pulls her sweatshirt out of her backpack. "I know it's your favorite and I assumed you wouldn't want to be in a hospital gown while you're here so I brought you this" she admitted. I smiled, it was my favorite sweatshirt of hers I liked the green and white striped tie-dye and the fact it smelled like her. I slowly put it on managing to avoid my IVs and staples in my head while she layed down next to me. I put my head on her chest while she told me about her day as we both fell asleep.

A/N: If you don't know the medical lingo google exists ty also apparently doctors say you can sleep after a concussion they usually recommend 3-6 hours before you do but if someone has already looked at the injury and doesn't object ig you can which is cool to me yk evolution. 


also Jesse adopting the tiny gays like they r his kids>>>>>>>

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