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It's been four months and no moves have been made.

Shall I go further?

Mm perhaps invite a man over?

I don't know how he'll react though. I don't think he's a murder but stalkers can be crazy.

I pace around my living room as I contemplate my options.

Oh! I know! I'll get another tattoo.

After that show I gave him yesterday I'm sure he misses me. I could practically feel him drilling holes into my body from the woods.

And I loved every second of it.

It made my heart beat faster then any man has ever done before.

I just want to touch him. He's just so big. Bigger then any man I've ever been with.

He thinks those trees and bushes are gonna hide his huge ass.

His shoulders are broad and he has toned ass thighs.

I've never seen under that shirt but I bet he has a six pack, or no, an eight pack.

His arms and neck are covered in tattoos and I wonder how much of his body his covered with them.

He's got this shaggy black hair and a scruffy, yet maintained beard. These beautiful soft green eyes, and that hot ass scar that runs through it.

He looks so scary but that fact that he watches me, notices me, makes him so hot to me.

He's got this huge wall built up but apparently it's clear to me, because I can see right through it.

I know he's a teddy bear. And that just makes me wetter.

And the best part is? He's got a tongue piercing.

I look at the clock that hangs in my living room. It's 10am.

The tattoo shop opened two hours ago.

And Rockie doesn't work today.


I pick my phone up from the coffee table and dial the number.

I sit on the couch and pull up my feet up, leaning my head on my knees.

I hold the phone to my ear, waiting for the ringing to stop.

"Hello! This is Jennie's tattoo shop! I'm Liz. How can I help you."

I smile.


The door rings as I push it open, walking to the front desk.

"Hello! How can I help you?"

"Hi I'm Monroe, I talked to you on the phone? Liz right? I had an appointment set up with Red."

I can't help but smile when I say his name.

Butterflies erupt in my stomach just thinking about what's to come.

"Oh yes! Come sit. He'll be here in a minute."

I nod in thanks and sit down.

I hum absentmindedly to myself until I hear the front door being yanked quite hard, causing the bell to ring faster then usual.

I smirk. Once he knew I was coming he rushed over here. Just to see me. That's so cute.

I get off the waiting chair and stand in front of him.

"Red?" I question smiling at him gently and offering my hand.

I wanna touch his hand. So bad. And this is the perfect way to get it.

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