sneaking out

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when negan smith put rick and his group to their knees, he knew by one simple glance towards the leader's boy had him rethinking his decision. he had never been much of a soft person, not after lucille. but seeing carl so sweaty and innocent, yet so firm and solid, it was almost as if his soft, milky skin had negan desperate for a touch. the grimes kid was a cute boy, slightly feminine with a touch of masculinity. the cold of night made his cheeks a peachy pink, and his eyes were bloodshot from lack of rest.

"you know what, rick? i think i just changed my mind," negan gave him a twisted grin, using the tip of his bat to tilt rick's chin up. "you don't have to scavenge for me. i just want one little thing from you."
rick glared harshly at the other man, his teeth grinding together as a small groan escaped past his lips.
"i want your boy."

in that moment, it felt like time had started moving so much more quickly. one thing was happening right after the other, from rick trying to make a move on negan to the saviors forcing carl into the back of the dark truck. it was like a damn game to negan, knowing well rick would retaliate with the weakest army he had. compared to negan and the saviors, rick's group seemed more like the smallest pawn on the chess board.

once the group had made it back to the sanctuary, negan had made sure no one, not a single person, would lay a hand on carl. he himself pulled the boy out of the back of the truck, leaving a hand on his shoulder so he could lead him wherever. he had dwight open the double door for them, everyone in the room going silent as they entered. a few of his wives were standing nearest to the door, in the kitchen, trembling a bit as if negan would do something if they weren't working their damned hardest. he brushed them off, walking behind carl up to his office, not paying much attention to those staring at carl as if negan had lost his mind bringing the boy here. everyone knew, including negan himself, that carl was far from delicate. in some cases, carl was probably stronger than half the people in the sanctuary, including negan's highest men, like simon.
negan took a seat behind his desk, urging the boy to sit down in the chair infront of him, the table separating the two.
"so, carl-"
"let's not negotiate here. you and i both know how this ends, and i don't intend on dying. or being used as your perfect little slave. only one of us is getting out of here. and if you're smart enough, you know exactly who that will be." carl didn't let negan speak, but instead cut him off. his last nerve was cut short, and he didn't want negan thinking that he was going to let him and his men use him for anything they wanted. yet, negan only smiled. the scary smile that everyone had seen. his eyes turned a bit dark as he looked into carl's.
"i admire you, kid. i don't peg you as the type to give up so easily. which, if i were you, i wouldn't either. but, unfortunately for you, you won't be the one winning in this situation. you and your little group of sheeps are at a dead end here. now, we damn well will be negotiating here..."


( this is the first time in such a long time that i've updated, so i'll have to end this here so i can get past this writer's block and get some inspiration <3 )

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