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the sun shone bright through the wide window, causing the two male's sweaty chests to glisten ever so slightly. they seemed to rise up and down at a normal pace.

"what are you thinking about, negan?" carl's soft voice spoke up, pulling negan out of his gazing state. he looked down at carl, who looked like just about the cutest damn thing ever, all disheveled and innocent. negan replaced his softened expression with a smirk, drawing the younger boy closer to his figure.
"you," he whispered, his fingertips running up and down carl's slim arm. carl only shivered under his touch, his cheeks now painted with a rosy tint.
"what about me?" he asked, resting his hands on negan's chest, biting his lip.
"just thinking about how whiny you get while i'm on top of you. picturing you squirming under my grip. loving how needy you get. it's so fucking adorable, kid." negan pointed out, placing a wet kiss under carl's ear. carl shook a little, hiding his face in the crook of negan's neck. he smelled of after shave and sex, the kind of scent negan would always smell like. carl, on the other hand, smelled sort of like strawberries and blue cotton candy. it was just one of those things the older man liked about him, knowing well that part of him would never change.

carl sat up, wrapping the white sheets around his body as if negan hadn't already seen him completely exposed.
"we should get up." the grimes boy's voice was quiet and shaky. he looked exhausted, and negan only took it as a sign to pull him back down.
"we have all day to do whatever the hell we want, carl," negan whispered, holding the male by his waist, "let's take advantage of that."
carl looked up at him in awe, a small smile playing on his lips.
"and what exactly would we do?" carl retorted, wrapping his arm around negan's torso and resting his head on his chest. he could feel the other male's warm breath blow through his brown hair, sending chills down his spine.
"who said we had to decide right now?" negan replied, rubbing circles on the brunette's hip with the pad of his thumb.

carl didn't say anything, only let his eyelids close slowly. negan could hear his faint snores, a small smile forming on his lips. the older man didn't fall asleep after him –  he only watched the boy in his slumber, combing through his lengthy brown hair. from carl's small, strawberry lips to his cute little nose, all negan could do was admire him. he would all day, if he could. it was like watching the sunset, relaxing and beautiful. carl was too wonderful and true, and negan didn't think he deserved someone so amazing. he would forever be grateful for him, his very own carl grimes.

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