fire and rain

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i did not read over this
    , due to the length and my laziness.
                   so if there are any mistakes
        , know that it was not intentional
                                    , i'm just lazy 🤗 】

carl grimes was one devilish kid. it was easy for him to manipulate whomever he wanted. his small, starry eyes could pull anyone in like an ocean wave. his lower lip jutting out into a pout when some weren't having it. he always got his way. even with the most stubborn guys, his moves were too swift and sweet to be turned down.

the brunette had been working on a slow, late night with no other intentions than to get home soon and crash on his bed. all the drunks and crazies were out and just with his luck, they'd turned up at the bar he was working at. sometimes, he didn't mind it. he could get a good look at some of the guys that were getting a drink or two, or more. if carl was fortunate enough, he could get just the right guy wrapped around his finger within minutes.

negan smith was oddly different than the rest of them. he looked like a guy with a tough past, which had been reflecting off of the rough side of him. carl knew it would be difficult to see through the bad blood, but he would eventually find an entrance somewhere in that thick leather jacket of his. one way or another.

"what can i get ya?" carl leaned over the counter, his elbows resting on it as he cupped both sides of his own jaw with his hands. negan didn't look up from his phone, just hummed in response, taking a moment to answer fairly.
"just a uh .. glass of whiskey," he glanced up at the much younger boy, his face stiffening when he realized just how close they were. "on the rocks." his eyes narrowed very slightly at carl, gazing back down to the lit screen on his phone. carl hid his small smirk with a much more innocent smile, nodding a little before spinning around and grabbing a glass.

the place was loud; crowded, like there wasn't a single person in here who had anything better to do with their life. or they would consume an unhealthy amount of alcohol to drown the sorrow and pain they'd undergo. carl didn't mind it. he'd done that as well, just a couple of times. not that he was close to legal, yet - it was fun knowing he was too sly to get caught.

he poured the golden brown alcoholic substance over the two cubes of ice, filling up the glass just about half way. he was watching negan the entire time, seeing as he didn't look up from what he was doing. the sound of the liquid rippling and the ice clinking together sent electrical shivers down the small of carl's back. his eyes stayed focused on negan's black hair, silver streaks coursing through the small mess. he wanted to run his slim fingers through it, placing small kisses to negan's jawline until he got all riled up.

"you do know staring is rude, right?" the older male snapped carl out of his trance, his head tilted to an angle that had carl's breath hitched in the back of his throat. the small boy's thin lips curved up into an amorous grin as he scooted the glass of whiskey closer to negan, his hand rubbing up against negan's arm.
"it's not rude if my intentions are good," he cooed, raising an eyebrow at negan. negan leaned forward, taking the glass in his hand as his other hand shoved his phone into his pocket. this boy intrigued him, but he knew too much about him, and it restrained him from jumping over the counter and attacking his lips.
"what exactly are your intentions.." negan's voice trailed off for a moment as he looked at the name tag on carl's shirt, "carl?" he pulled the glass cup up to his chapped lips, taking a small sip of the brown drink. carl batted his lashes at the man, tapping his dark purple painted nails on the marble counter top.
"i can't tell you that just yet, sir. but i'm sure you know by now," he offered a lust coated smile, his lids hooded like that of a cat. it didn't take long to realize carl was getting slightly impatient.

something about carl's voice had negan gasping for air. he knew the game carl was playing, and in a sense, negan didn't seem to care. he, too, had begun to engage in this match between the two.
"well, i'm sure whatever you want from me, it'll have to wait. looks like you've got some company," negan pointed to his side, revealing a line of seated men waiting for shots to down. carl's frosty eyes pierced into negan's, his hair covering the right side of his face as he tilted his head to the left.
"i am not the only person who works here," he challenged, earning a wide, sadistic grin from the older man.
"you're the only one they want," he whispered, his eyes practically undressing carl on the spot. carl didn't falter, although the small shudder of his entire body was clearly noticeable. he pushed himself closer to negan, itching to rest up on the man's lap.
"you're the only one i want," carl spoke softly, reaching out to run his fingers through negan's messy hair.

negan's eyes fluttered shut for just a moment. carl's small, cold fingers rushing through his dark strands had him on edge.
"what are your thoughts on motorcycles, baby boy?" negan asked breathlessly, his heart racing as he opened his eyes to peer at carl, who had the most evil smile playing on his lips.
"i don't mind them. as long as i've got a strong, handsome man to hold onto," the grimes kid started tugging on his own lower lip, twisting a lock of negan's hair between his fingers.
"you want a ride?" negan spoke out, looking the boy up and down. carl hummed a little, pulling away from negan.
"i thought you'd never ask."

once carl's shift had ended, negan had already took his small, smooth hand into his much larger, calloused hand, dragging him outside of the building into the back parking lot. he'd parked his motorcycle in a more abandoned spot, that way no one would lay a finger on it, or even think about scratching it up. when the two of them finally reached the vehicle, negan let go of carl's hand, running his own hand lazily through his hair, as if he were now irritated.

negan snickered, grimacing slightly towards the end.
"damn. looks like i don't have another helmet." nonetheless, negan sat down, starting up the bike. he took one last mischievous look at carl, his eyes meeting up with carl's.
"my number's on one of those napkins. call me when your dad's retired, kid."
with a devious smirk, negan rode off, leaving carl stunned in the back of the dark parking lot.

carl grimes was the fire in this world, the smoking, dangerous, orange flames of heat. and negan smith was the rain, washing away the bratty nerve of him. it wouldn't be long until that spark was relit. he would still get what he wanted, even if it meant years of using different guys that only slightly looked like negan.

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