A and D (7)

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I got up early today. I know. Weird. I was not usually like this. But I slept early last night. Yup, that was another abnormal thing.

Aaron noticed it, too. His comment last night made me come back to my senses. Being cheerful was just not me. So I decided to come back to my usual self today.

It had been more than a week since Aaron and I stopped riding the bus to school together. But that surely didn’t stop him from waking me up every freaking morning. Ha! It would be a shock for him when he wakes up and sees that I wasn't in my room.

While I dressed, I debated whether to have revenge and wake him up from his precious sleep or just let it go.

Hmmm . . . Okay, I’ve decided.

I went to Jason’s room, directly to his closet. I dropped on my knees as I rummaged his old things. And when I saw what I was looking for, an evil grin stretched across my face. I stood up and excitedly returned to my room. I turned on the talkie as I positioned myself in front of it.

“One, two,” I mumbled, “THREE!”

With that last word I pressed the Air Horn as hard as I could. I slightly winced at the earsplitting noise it was making. I glanced at Aaron’s room.

To my delight, he fell off his bed, disappearing behind the window. I can see his face being confused and his hair was messy as he hastily stood up.

I stopped pressing the Air Horn to laugh out loud. Tears were coming out of my eyes because of laughing so hard. I dropped the Air Horn because my stomach hurt from laughing.

“Yeah, very funny, D,” said Aaron, rubbing his eyes. He sounded half-annoyed and half-amused.

“No, it wasn’t. It was hilarious!” I said through my laughs. “You should’ve seen your face. It was all confused and – ha ha ha ha!!”

“That was your first time waking up someone, wasn’t it?” sneered Aaron with a raised eyebrow.

I instantly stopped laughing.

“Revenge is sweet,” I told him.

Then, I turned my back on him. I grabbed my jacket and my bag on the way out. Before totally leaving my room, I turned around to face him and I stuck my tongue out at him – as I usually do whenever I was feeling childish.

Now, it was his turn to laugh.

I was already in the classroom of our Creative Writing Class when the bell rang, looking incredibly bored. I turned my head towards the door just as Dwayne entered the room. He smiled at once when he saw me. I gave him a small smile – I was still not used to having him as a friend.

Yes, I considered him as a friend since he joined the Movie club. That was the other thing. Why would he join the club? I was not saying that it was impossible for someone in our year to join the club. It was just that – Oh, who am I kidding? Our club was the lamest and nerdiest club in school. I wasn't stupid. I know that people in this freaking jungle called it ‘Nerd club’. So why would Dwayne Richardson join?

My – no – Our first impression on him was that he would belong to the popular kids. His physical appearance alone said so. Although, the rumor that he was a classical art fan was a turn off for most girls, that didn’t stop them from following the guy around.

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