chapter • seven

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Chapter Seven
Doom's Day Dinner

"THANK YOU  for your invitation, Princess Daiyin. It is the greatest honour."

President Raiko bows his head as he shakes hands with the almost eighteen year old. The princess bows her head as well while trying to ignore the flashes of the many cameras around them. To her they were like wolftigers, waiting in the high grass to strike for the perfect picture of this iconic moment.

"The honour is all mine, President Raiko. I am most grateful that you and your wife could make it," Daiyin answers with the fakest smile she could procure. To be truthful, she could care less about the new President of the United Republic. She found him less than unimpressive. Even she had more charm to herself than this old weasel and she insulted most of the people she met.

She rolls her eyes behind Raiko's back when he continues down the carpet into the dining room. Next was the Chief of Police, Beifong. She bows her upper body stiffly. "Princess Daiyin, it has been some time."

Daiyin shakes her hand. She didn't pay much attention to the screaming of the journalists or the blinding lights of their cameras anymore. Finally there was someone who she could have a decent conversation with. "It surely has. Welcome to the Fire Nation, Chief Beifong." 

After the long introduction to her guests the banquet started. Servants start serving many plates and bowls filled to the brim with food. Before everyone could dig in Fire Lord Zuko rises, holding a goblet in his hands. The voices quieten down until silence fills the room. Everyone is waiting anxiously for what the Fire Lord has to say.

"Dearly beloved and esteemed guests. We welcome you all to this banquet to honour my granddaughter's upcoming coronation as Fire Lord."

A soft applause fills the room, but as Korra observes the guests she could see that some were clearly not happy. She decides on keeping an eye on these unhappy officials. The Avatar tries to mask her blatant staring when Zuko resumes his speech.

"There is only a week remaining until our Crown Princess, and my beloved granddaughter, becomes eighteen and will ascend to the throne of the Fire Nation."

Zuko stares down at the seated princess, wearing a proud smile on his aged features. "Daiyin, my dear, I believe with all of my heart that you will be a Fire Lord that leaves a stamp on the world as we know it. You already do by helping the Avatar master her firebending and there is no doubt in my mind you will continue to achieve greatness."

The Fire Lord turns to his guests and bows his head, excusing himself and therefore ending his speech. Daiyin smiles at her grandfather for a second before her expression returns to its usual stoic self.

The dinner continues smoothly. Nobody of the guests notice how tense the atmosphere between the Royal Family is. Nobody caught how the Crown Princess was glaring at her stepmother or how the Fire Lord, his daughter and grandson all ignored whatever Lady Azina said.

Nobody noticed, except for the people who knew about the bad relations between the family. To Korra it felt like the tension could be cut with a knife. She often glances in Tenzin's direction, silently asking what she should do.

Tenzin remained polished and silent the entire dinner, except for when someone started a conversation with him or when one of their children misbehaved. However, even through all of his calmth and regality Korra could spot the occasional nervous twitch of his right eye.

Korra sighed a breath of relief when the dessert trays were taken away, promising the long awaited end of this dreadful dinner. She leans her head against Mako's shoulder, feeling a wave of tiredness flush through her body.

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