Calling Yourself Ugly

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Yancy: "Youse is handsome and/or beautiful! And even if youse think otherwise, youse isn't ugly enough to scare me away..." He might hug you.

Damien: "You are amazing, friend. No matter what you or anyone else says. Remember that."

Illinois: "No, not really. Of course, not nearly as good looking as me."

Dark: "You just noticed? Well, you said it. Not me."

Google: "Why are you talking to me about this? I am a robot. I do not have an opinion on the appearance of humans."

Wilford: "Oh. I see. Who do I need to stab?"

Engineer Mark: "Captain, are you feeling okay? That doesn't seem right."

Heist Mark: "What?"

Eric Derekson: "N-no. No, y-you are-aren't! D-don't s-s-s-say that!"

Derek Derekson: "Okay." He doesn't care.

Some of this is from TikTok.

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